Friday, April 5, 2013


Happy Friday! Today is payday Friday for me so its definitely a win win :)

I'm a huge fan of someecards, dunno if you could tell :)

So on top of that, I have a new franken that I am SO stinking excited to show you!. Those of you that have been with me awhile, may remember my first and only flakie franken (post here). I had talked about the streaky base and how the mylar flakes stuck out on occasion. Well I decided to revisit the flakie franken again and this time changed it up a little bit. I started off with about half a bottle of TKB's glamour base and followed it up by adding a few drops of Basic Blue Jellie ( which is exactly as it sounds) . Now I've used this jelly base before but will warn you again, it is VERY pigmented so be light handed at first! What I decided to change up the most in this polish was I took a pair of craft scissors such as these

to my bag of flakies and cut them up into smaller sized pieces. It was surprisingly easy to do and made a world of difference in the polish formula. Once my flakies were altered, I added one liberal scoop each of TKB's blue and gold flakies. I followed it up with one small scoop of TKB's green Sparks! (which is a larger sized particle shimmer). When testing it, the base wasn't dark enough for me personally so I added a couple drops of black cream polish and finished the bottle off with remaining suspension base. I named this polish Poseidon because it reminds me so much of the ocean, check it out!

Swoon, I love everything about this polish. The flakies were small and easy to maneuver (thank yoooooou craft scissors), the jelly base was perfect at showing the depth of the flakies, and the green shimmer added just the right amount of glowiness. Swatches show two coats plus one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. It self leveled well and dry time was average. Most surprisingly of all, there was NO staining!

Well that's all for Poseidon. I really hope you ladies like it because it's probably one of my most favorites! Also, there are only TWO days left to enter my giveaway (a custom full sized franken, 2 polish minis, a hand cream, and a bag of solvent resistant glitter to make your own creations with!). I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you back on Monday!

Remember to always keep it classy and creative!

Today's Supplies Came From:
* TKB Basic Blue Jellie, Blue and Gold Flakies, and Green Sparks!: TKB Trading
* Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme: Walmart


  1. This is so pretty. It reminds me of a Mermaid. You did a good job.

    1. Thank you very much Courtney! I definitely agree with the ocean vibe on this one!

  2. This is so pretty! I have a soft spot for flakies!

    1. Thank you and me too! They are entirely under appreciated as a polish finish!


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