Friday, June 28, 2013

Stump the Femme: Sun Beams Through Clouds

Happy Friday my friends and welcome to the end of another week! Hopefully everyone has something fun and relaxing planned. Anywho, today I bring you another installment of Stump the Femme! The winning idea for this go around is sun beams shining through the clouds. I loved this idea but it.was.tough.


I started off with half a bottle of TKB Luster base. I then added about 4-5 drops of Color Club Status Update, a dark slightly blue toned grey. To that I added one tiny scoop of TKB Luminosity glitter (for a bit of holo) and about 2-3 scoops of Glitter Unique Disco Mix! (a mix of holo silver and holo gold hexes and squares in different sizes). I wanted to try and demonstrate the shimmering multicolored light that shines through the grey clouds. I came up with this!

Formula wise, swatches show three coats. Leveling was easy, normal dry time. I was pretty pleased with way the glitter was suspended in the murky grey jelly; it really reminds me of the way the sun shines through the clouds. I think the only way I would change this interpretation is maybe throw some small bars in there to help signify sun rays. But I'm still happy. What do you guys think?

Well that's all for today. Remember to check out my Facebook page, I will be asking for more Stump the Femme ideas in the VERY near future. See you back on Monday for more frankening adventures! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Luminosity Glitter and Luster Base: TKB Trading
* Color Club Status Update: This is a Birchbox exclusive but any dark grey cream will do
* Disco Mix! Glitter: Glitter Unique

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review- Misfits on 8th pigments (thermals) *Also pic heavy but still oh so worth it!*

* Press Sample *

Happy hump day my loves! I seriously cannot think of hump day anymore without picturing this hilarious nonsense

Anywho, no, your eyes did NOT deceive you, today I bring you the second half of my Misfits on 8th pigments, the thermals! Thermals are super popular pigments that change color based on the environment around them (i.e. your fingertips). These pigments make it  super easy to create! Check it out!

This is just what happened when I put my thumb on the bag, thought it looked cool...

Green to Yellow

Orange to Yellow

Purple to Puchsia

Purple to Green

And now the action shots!

Yes those would be water droplets on my nails, I was trying to be fast!

I was delighted with the amount of color change in this polish. For the most part it only took a couple seconds, except for the purple to green, that took a few seconds more. The only qualm I have with these bad boys is the fact that I don't think they shift exactly to their stated colors. Nonetheless, the shift is very apparent so it doesn't bother me at all. Just wanted to make sure to keep my readers in the know! All polishes were one .15 gram scoop in a mini bottle of TKB Luster base. Swatches are 4 coats and still show VNL. For my next experiment, I will see how they still work over another color.  I had no significant issues with streakiness or anything. Overall, I was very impressed! 

Well my dears, there you have it. Awesome thermal pigments! I do have some Misfits on 8th glitters that are currently undergoing testing. I will post them as soon as I'm done! Tune in on Friday for another installment of Stump the Femme! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Keep up with Misfits on 8th and find her products here:


** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty **

Monday, June 24, 2013

Review- Misfits on 8th pigments (neons and flecks) *Pic heavy but oh so worth it!*

* Press Sample *

Hi ladies and happy Monday! I am back after a very unplanned week long blog hiatus. To be honest I was a little burnt out and I feel like this week did me a world of good! I am back and ready to go, and with something super awesome to boot! I was gratuitously wasting time on Etsy one day and came across this great shop called Misfits on 8th that sold a diverse variety of glitters, pigments, and other franken supplies. Long story short, Natasha, the owner of the shop sent me a BUNCH of fantastic stuff and I'm here to show you the first few!

Today we will be checking out her green neon pigment, yellow neon pigment, pink neon pigment, and gold fleck! I also have to mention, Natasha included a .15 gram scoop with my package and this thing is seriously a game changer for me. It is SO much easier to log exactly how much is used. Way better than my previous straw method!

Here is a better view of the gold flecks

Here we have one .15 gram scoop of each pigment in a mini bottle of TKB Glamour suspension base

Neon!! The yellow is definitely a tad brighter and slightly green toned

Here is a swatch of the neon polishes with one coat of Gold Fleck top coat which I made by putting one .15 scoop of fleck in with TKB Luster Base

This picture actually shows the awesome flecks!

Now, I was seriously impressed with the products themselves, the pigments dispersed fairly easily into my suspension base with a normal amount of shaking. Not only that, but swatches show NO TOPCOAT! I have never seen a neon dry down to such a shine before. Love! Now putting one scoop of pigment into the mini bottle did create a sheer-ish jelly so all photos (except the gold fleck) show 3 coats. As for the glass fleck, I think it looks great as a top coat; it adds bling without masking the base color. I can't wait to mix it into some polishes to see what we come up with!

Well that's all for today's review. I have one more part coming up on Wednesday that I am super excited to show you. You'll definitely want to check back because this is a product I had been searching for for a long time! But until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Keep up with Misfits on 8th and find her products here:

* Etsy

** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty **

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meme Week Nail Art Challenge Day 7- Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!

Happy Saturday my loves. We've reached the last day of the Meme Week Nail Art Challenge and letmetellyou, I am TIRED. But that doesn't keep me from being excited about today, it's Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat Day! Yaaaaaaaay!


So true sweet brown... so true...

So today, the theme was a time consuming mani. I decided to do a dotticure based on the neon colors you can see Sweet Brown wearing in her epic video. You may recognize one of the polishes used from an earlier post.

Remember me?

Anywho, I used this franken along with China Glaze Peachy Keen (a peach cream),  Milani Totally 80's ( a chartreuse neon cream), Essie Peach Daquiri ( a bright mid-toned pink cream), and Essie DJ Play That Song(a neon slightly red based purple cream)

I used the larger side of a double ended dotting tool alternating colors and created this

Blast you bubbling top coaaaattttt!! So frustrating.

This thing took FOREVER and clearly flooded my cuticles, but I was still thrilled with how this turned out! It almost looks like a design you'd see on a nail applique doesn't it? 

Well that's all for this mani and the Meme Week Nail Art Challenge. Thank you Erin for talking me into it, it definitely forced me to push my boundaries and I was pleasantly surprised with what came of it. That being said, I am exhausted and may need a couple days off. So, if I'm not around on Monday you know why!

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and creating more frankens. Who knows, maybe I will integrate more nail art into my posts? I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend (don't forget to check out the other Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat manis!)  Until I see you next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Supplies For The Blue Franken can be found here

Friday, June 14, 2013

Meme Week Nail Art Challenge Day 6- Condescending Wonka

So much time and so little to do! Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you. Happy Friday my friends! May you have so much to do and just enough time to do it in ;) So as you can tell by the movie quote, today's theme is Wonka, condescending Wonka to be exact. This meme is pretty self explanatory  so I will just show you this little gem I found

Really? How douchey is that, lol? So the theme for today is candy themed manis and I thought up about a million things to do before settling on an idea.... and then changing that again lol. For today's franken, which some of you may have seen on PAA, I started by using a bottle of Icing "OMG" polish which is a tiny matte neon pink glitter toper in a slightly pink tinted base. I then decided I wanted it more colorful so I added .008 matte hexes from glitter unique in neon yellow, neon blue, neon green, and neon pink. I of course had to pour some polish out to make room for the extra glitter and then ultimately add thinner to make the polish less gloopy and thick. But overall as a franken, it was pretty simple! Check it out!

Before and after! Sorry about the iphone shot

So I started off painting two coats of Covergirl Outlast Snow Storm, a white crelly-ish polish and then followed it up with two coats of the OMG franken. My next thought was to do a simple stamping manicure using my bundle monster plate which had a set of three lollipops on it. Wrong, so wrong. I managed to get one decent lollipop on my index finger and then try as I might, could not get another image to stamp again to save my life. So I then decided to try and cover up said lollipop using a .118 size holographic blue dot from glitter unique. I placed one dot on each finger using a tiny dollop of fast try top coat. I then free handed a wrapper on either side using white acrylic paint. Finally, I also free handed stripes on each candy using a fine nail art brush to make them look more like candies and less like bows.  I then finished it off with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. Now since I am left handed, all my free hand work was done with my non-dominant hand. So keep that in mind!

Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple!

This photo of the glitter is more color accurate

So there you have it, my sweet Wonka candy themed mani (I made a joke! get it? Eh?). I ended up liking this way more than I thought, especially for having to change it at the last second. What do you guys think? Do they look like candies and not bow ties? Overall, simple franken that definitely helped to give a candy vibe!

Be sure to tune into the other ladies' candy themed manis! I will be back tomorrow for the final installment of the Meme Week Nail Art Challenge.... Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat. YES!

So until we meet again, remember to keep it classy any creative.

Today's Ingredients Are From:
* OMG nail polish- Icing in the mall, and on sale!
* .118 blue holo dots and .008 hexes in neon blue, neon yellow neon green, and neon pink- Glitter Unique

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meme Week Nail Art Challenge Day 5- Like a Sir!

Hi everybody! Anybody feeling like a sir today? I'm going to feel like a BOSS tomorrow since its Friday! So as I'm sure you can guess, today's meme is feeling Like a Sir, which people usually say when they feel fancy or important. Check him out!


So I made a pretty simple franken for today, half a bottle of TKB Luster Base, one scoop of Noble Sparks! (a white-silver shimmer), one scoop Luminosity glitter (scattered holo glitter/shimmer), and another half a bottle's worth of a basic Wet'n'Wild Black Cream. Here she is!

Tried to capture the holo here, but she was a tricky broad

So I painted all of my nails with a base of Color Club Status Update, a very dark charcoal gray color that was made as a Birchbox custom collaboration. I'm not sure if you can get this polish anywhere else unfortunately. I then used the Saran wrap method and dabbed on a sheer Cover Girl White polish (ugh can't remember the name, sorry!) and this black franken to create a marble effect on all nails except for my ring finger. I wanted my nails to look like marble because we all know, rich sirs be lovin the marble.

 I painted my ring finger accent nail using Orly Coachella Dweller a yellow based grassy green cream. I used this green because it's the color of money, and the sirs LOVE the monies. Finally I painted on Like a Sir using acrylic pain and a fine nail art brush. Here is the result!

This my friends, is what a Sir would look like in his mug shot after gaining a good twenty pounds. However, this was my second go around by this point and I was feeling tired and lazy. So fat Sir is what you get! He's not terrible, at least you can kind of tell what he is! But my accent nail also had some topcoat bubbling issues. So meh. I must say though, I am in love with the Saran wrap marble looking technique. So fast and easy!  Well that's all for today my friends, don't forget to check out the other Like a Sir manis!

Until next time


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Luster Base, Noble Sparks!, and Luminosty Glitter: TKB Trading
* Wet'n'Wild Black Cream: Walmart

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meme Week Nail Art Challenge- Cats!

Happy Wednesday my loves! Hump day, we are on the downward slope for the rest of the week. Yay! Anyway, for today's meme week nail art challenge, the theme is cats. There are a ton of cat memes going around, hipster cats, space cats, grumpy cat, and nyan cat. But do you know who I find seriously under appreciated?? This guy:

This lovable and fluffy nerd is chemistry cat. The meme consist of a phrase with an adorably punny retort. Right up my alley! Now, I cheated a little bit and used a base of Poseidon, a previous and favorite franken of mine found here.

Dark blue, shimmah, and flakies?  Heck yesssss!

I then free handed chemistry cat using acrylic paint and a fine nail art brush on my accent nail while painting elements from the periodic table on my other fingers. Check it out!

Chemistry cat has a sweet bowtie!

I had a macro of the cat set to show you guys but that photo showed my serious lack of nail art skills (chemistry cat's nose looks like it exploded close up).  So, regular mani swatches it is! Well that's all for the Cat Meme Day. Remember to check in tomorrow, it's  Like a Sir day! But in the meantime, check out the other ladies nails! 

As always, remember to always keep it classy and creative!

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Franken ingredients can be found in the previous linked post :)

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