Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Star Gazer

It’s Wednesday! That means we are halfway through the week and TECHNICALLY, I should be halfway done with my moving… yeah… knowing me…..ha! Well that’s ok, because I’m sure that it has to be more progress than where I started on Monday! How is everyone else’s week going?

Anywho, I have mixed feelings about today’s polish and I will tell you why after the swatching. I started out with about half a bottle of TKB Glamour Base and added about 2-3 drops of Color Club Status Update (a dark almost dusty gray cream). I then added 1-2 drops of Wet ’n’ Wild French White Cream. Now a warning for polish makers, be wary when using cream polishes to make jelly finishes! Given that creams are often made from opaque white bases, your jelly will go from squishy to super opaque in a matter of 1-2 drops. So when creating, swatch and test often to make sure what you are creating gives you your desired finish.  So after creating the base, I followed up with 2 liberal scoops of Glitter Unique’s Silver Holo Stars and 3 more scoops of the black stars. To top it off, I added one small scoop of TKB’s luminosity holo glitter. I think the reasoning for my polish name is best explained if I just show you so here she is!


Caught a holo star on my nail! Squeeee!

 Now, onto my reservations about this polish. First, I think I was one of those unfortunate fools who did the accidental tumble into using a bit too much of a cream based polish. I think the base is a tad bit more opaque than what I was hoping for. But even that isn’t too terrible. Do you know what DOES really stink though? If you go back and look at the swatches you will see that the finish is starting to rub off of the black stars! I only made this polish about 24 hours before I swatched it so I really think there is no excuse for that. It made me a little sad because I think otherwise, this polish has a lot of promise. Swatches show 2 thick coats with a bit of placing required for the stars (for some reason the black ones were harder to reach?) and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. Formula was difficult to control unless I got lazy and let it pool around the edges of my nails.

Well that’s it for today’s polish; let’s hope if I decide to continue to delve into shapes, they quality will be better than those black stars. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day and remember to always keep it classy and creative!


Today’s Supplies Are From:
* Birchbox: Color Club Status Update (but I’m sure it can be found at numerous other Color Club retailers)
* Walmart: Wet ‘n’ Wild French Cream
* TKB Trading: Luminosity Glitter
* Glitter Unique: Silver Holo Stars and Black Stars

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