Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm a Banana!

Hi ladies and happy Friday! Let's just move straight into today's franken shall we? I wanted to make sure I didn't move back into my comfort zone so I opted to create another yellow polish, this time a cream/shimmer because I know how tricky yellows can often be. This polish started out with 1/3 of a bottle of TKB Glamour Base, followed by 1/3 TKB Basic Yellow Jellie, and then a little under 1/3 of Wonder beauty products Primary Yellow Color Base. I attempted (probably a little too late) to try and lighten up the base a little bit by adding a few drops of Wet 'n' Wild French White cream. I finished the polish up with a few good sized scoops of TKB's gold Sparks! And that's it! What I created I called I'm a banana! and I will explain the name after the photos

Macro shows a good swatch of the shimmer

I love how creamy and bright this yellow is! However, swatching went as follows: One coat, "Holy cow this is thick!"(adds thinner), two coats "good grief it's like trying to paint on silly putty" (adds more thinner), three coats "finally!" So long story short the formula was THICK and still somewhat streaky. However, thinner fixed these problems immensely! Self leveling was not an issue and all swatches are shown with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

Now onto the name. First thing I thought of was this ridiculousness:

Don't tell me you didn't lose brain cells with that. You're welcome!

So that's all for today's fruit flavored franken adeventures. See you back Monday, have a great weekend, and remember to always keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:

* TKB Glamour Base, Basic Yellow Jellie, and Gold Sparks!: TKB Trading
* Primary Yellow Color Base: Wonder Beauty Products


  1. Becca! You've posted a lot of things after my last visit here lol
    I really need to visit you more times, you have worderfull polishes! Have I told you how much I loved the one you sent to me? It's gorgeous :)

    About your post: what a cute yellow! I like this color for nails, but I don't use it very much, looks weird on me lol

    And WTF is this video! LOL LOL xD

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. I'm glad you like them and you should visit more! I am so glad you love your polish, I was pretty proud of that one too!

      As for the video.... haha, I saw it on a TV show here. I know I know, IT'S WEIRD

  2. Love the shimmer in this polish. That video is hilarious. Now I'm a banana is stuck in my head.

    1. Bahahaha that just gives you a little taste about how weird I actually am :) Thanks!


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