Monday, April 1, 2013

Review- The Lady Varnishes Lissa Anne

Welcome back to another new week. Hope everyone is up and at em, and ready to go! If so, let me live vicariously through you as I am like this right now. Lol, totally true by the way. So anyways, today's post is from a new to me indie brand called The Lady Varnishes which I came across while randomly searching for green polishes around St. Patrick's Day. I came across Lissa Anne, a lovely green jelly with holographic copper microglitter, and purchased it without thinking twice. The package came relatively quickly and I was pleasantly surprised. What's even better is each polish comes in its own satchel and with its very own super cute beaded charm. The Etsy listing also tells you that if you order 4 or more polishes in the same order, you receive a free silver or chopper chain to turn your charm into a necklace. What a great idea! Now, without further ado, Lissa Anne:

Macro of the bottle, loving the fiery copper microglitter!

Seriously, how cute is that charm?

Now onto the polish itself, the formula was super sheer. I myself and am impatient girl and tend to do back to back coats when polishing, This is not the best idea with this polish as she is prone to dragging if you go over the same area twice or do not wait a couple minutes in between coats. Also, she does dry to a rather matte finish so a topcoat was a must for me. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely have waited in between coats but even in not doing so, she was TOTALLY worth the trouble. The topcoat makes the polish so squishy and the copper microglitter absolutely sparkled in the light. I love her! The darker green shade makes it a little more demure or ladylike while still maintaining an edge with the copper microglitter. I personally think this shade of green makes it widely useable across a variety of different skin tones.

If you are interested in checking out Lissa Anne, or any other creations over at the Lady Varnishes, check out her Etsy shop, polishes run around $8.00 to $8.50 for full size bottles and $11.00 for full size holographic polishes.

Well that's it for today ladies, looking forward to seeing you back for for Franken awesomeness and until then, remember to always keep it classy and creative! ALSO, DON'T FORGET TO ENTER MY 50 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY FOUND HERE AND GOOD LUCK!


*Today's review polish was purchased by myself and reviewed entirely under my own volition without promise or offer of compensation


  1. This is gorgeous!... The copper glitter, the amazing shade of hunter green... want, lol. :)

    1. Thank you! She is a beaut and my pictures don't even adequately put that glitter on display.

  2. Hey! I nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog post! :)


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