Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! I'm super excited to have some time off but I'm lame and will spend that time packing. I did however, get some new glitters in over this past week and I am super excited to see what I can create with those(spoiler: I may or may not have found ANOTHER dot supplier!)

So anyways, todays franken is a very simple franken. This polish consists of about one and a half scoops each of Glitter Mix Boutique's Magic Hex Mix ( which is a mix of iridescent micro and small sized hexes that flash gold, green blue, and purple) and Pretty in Pastel Mix (which is a mix of square and hex satin matte glitters in pastel pink, blue, and green). The remainder was filled with TKB's clear Glamour Suspension base. I mixed it up and created this little lady, which I named: Flutterby

Here is the macro shot from two different angles so you can see the iridescent shift

Swatches show one semi-thickish coat over Essie Smokin' Hot and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat. The glitter was great, not too dense, not too sparse, and it spread relatively easy on the nail. Now I do like this polish, really I do. But it seems so lovely in the bottle and I feel like that doesn't translate entirely onto the nail. Maybe it would help trying it over a lighter base? That would make the mani super springy? Who knows, I'm torn. But I think I would still wear it again.  What do you guys think?

Well that's all for Flutterby, super simple. Like I said I, I will have some upcoming creations using my new glitters so I am pretty excited about that! So until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative. Have a great weekend!


Today's Supplies Are From:

* TKB Glamour Suspension Base: TKB Trading
* Pretty in Pastel and Magic Hex glitter Mixes: Glitter Mix Boutique


  1. This is a really pretty glitter mix! I think it would be amazing over any pastel color.

    1. I think that will be next on my to do list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Just plain gorgeous. I love, love, love, square glitter.

    1. Aww shucks, thank you! Note to self, make some more square glitter polishes ;)

  3. Replies
    1. You guys make me blush, lol. Thank you!


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