Franken Supply Sources

Here is a list of franken suppliers and products that I have used thus far. I have had good experiences with these suppliers but do not vouch for them and can therefore, not be held responsible for any others' individual experiences.

* TKB trading: Bottles, mixing supplies, suspensions base, solvent resistant glitters, micas, shimmers
* Glitter Mix Boutique: Multiple types of glitters
* Nail Glitter Princess: Multiple types of glitters
* Glitter Unique: Multiple types of glitters
* Nail Labo Store: Multiple types of glitters
* Wonder Beauty Products: Primary color cream polish base and Prismatic Platinum Illusion powder
* Misfits on 8th: dot glitters, thermal pigments, neon pigments, gold glass fleck, glow in the dark pigments, and .15 g scoop

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