Monday, April 8, 2013

Killer Clown and Giveaway Winner!

Welcome back to a new week! Hope everyone's weekend went well and you are ready to get up and at em! The weather has been beautiful here so we were able to check out the Spring Parade and craft show they had over the weekend. We also started to bust out our warm weather clothes and come to find out, I'm missing about half of it. Please tell me I am not the only person that loses their clothing in mass quantities? I don't even know how its possible to lose that much clothing. Hmm...

Well anyways, you didn't come to hear me complain so onto the polish! Thanks to a few lovely ladies in my FB Polish Group, I have started to branch out of my comfort zone as far as polish colors are concerned. In going through my stash, I realized I was desperately lacking in the yellows and oranges category (I have since picked up Zoya Piaf and Hard Candy Pinch of Spice). However, in looking at my frankens thus far, naturally I have not created many of these either! So for this franken, I decided to change that! I started with about 1/3 of a bottle of TKB's Glamour base. I then decided to add 2 good sized scoops of the Rainbow Matte .035 square mix, 1 scoop of Lime Holo .015 hex, and 2 small scoops of turquoise holo .032 hex (All from Glitter Mix Boutique!). At this point I mixed the polish to check opacity. Once I had an idea of how the glitters looked suspended, I added about 3 drops of TKB's Basic Yellow Jellie. While I wanted a jelly polish, I did NOT want one that would never reach opacity so I also incorporated in about 1/4 of a bottle's worth of Wonder Beauty Products Primary Yellow Color Base. This base is great at both coloring your polishes and helping achieve opacity as it is a white based yellow cream. I topped the remainder of the bottle off with more Glamour Base, mixed it, and came up with this bad boy:

Hey, check me out, I'm a yellow nail polish!

So even with the addition of the Primary Yellow base, the polish is still an awesome crelly/jelly. Swatches show 3 coats and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. I did not need to fish for the glitter at all and leveling and dry time were average. I kind of surprised myself with how much I liked it since it is so.... yellow. But I'd totally rock this. I was trying to figure out a name for this one since it wasn't an inspired polish, more of a "let's throw this in the bottle and hope for the best" kind of polish. Unfortunately, the only thing this made me think of was clowns and I. HATE. CLOWNS. I made the mistake of watching Stephen King's IT as a child and since then, yeah, not a huge clown fan. So rather than name the polish something kitschy and cute, I just called it Killer Clown, plain and simple.

Now for those of you not familiar with Stephen King's IT, I tried to find the least offensive/scary picture I could, which actually ended up being pretty hilarious. But it STILL gave me the heebie jeebies.

Photo courtesy of this Stephen King Fan page
Finally, I wanted to say a big congtratulations to Erin Benson! The winner of my 50 follower giveaway! Check your e-mail Erin, you should see something from me :) As for everyone else, no worries, I will be having another giveaway before you know it!

Well that's all for Killer Clown, hopefully I haven't scared you off with this polish, lol. If not, I will see you guys next time for a new (and less terrifying) franken adventure!

So until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:
* TKB Glamour Base and Basic Yellow Jellie: TKB Trading
* Primary Yellow Color Base: Wonder Beauty Products (FYI, they also have their own line of Indie polish!)
* Rainbow Matte Squares, Lime Holo Hexes, and Turquiose Holo Hexes: Glitter Mix Boutique


  1. omg I love this and I LOVE IT! Pennywise is awesome lol

    1. While I appreciate the sweet comment about the polish, I must respectfully disagree on the Pennywise part. Lol, he scares the crap out of me...still...years later


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