Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bright Lights Big City

Happy hump day my friends! We are almost to the weekend! Hopefully everyone has something to look forward to, and if nothing else at least there is that whole sleeping in thing. So today's polish is probably what I would call a glitter bomb. And if you're feeling a little worn out about your week, this bling in this will DEFINITELY perk you up! I started with a blue base with I made using TKB's Glamour base and adding a few drops (seriously, just drops) of TKB's blue jellie base. I then followed up by adding two scoops each of TKB's Headtrip Glitter, TKB's Pink Points Glitter, and Glitter Mix Boutique's .40 matte turquoise hex glitter. The results reminded me of flying in a plane and looking down and seeing the crazy amount of lights that shine from a big city. So, Bright Lights Big City was born

Here is a full hand swatch shown with one coat on my pinkie finger and two coats on the remaining three; natural light
Here is a close up with flash and you can start to see the complexity of the polish. I think the addition of the matte hex helps it from being too predictable

Here is the macro shot which better shows both the pink and light blue metallic glitter as well as the turquoise matte hexes. So pretty!

I think this polish took about 2 coats of a standard quick dry top coat to get completely smooth so it wasn't too bad considering how jam packed with glitter this beauty is. It was surprisingly easy to work with if you did some thickish coats and opacity was definitely not a problem for me.  Well that's it for today polish, see you back next time! And I'm sure you always are, but keep it classy and creative!

Today's Franken Supplies Came From:

TKB Glamour base, blue jellie base, Headtrip glitter, and Pink Points glitter: TKB Trading
Matte Turquoise Hex Glitter: Glitter Mix Boutique

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