Friday, January 25, 2013


Good morning ladies! Today's post will be a random one. I very quickly and unexpectedly sold my car this week and therefore was on a hunt for a new one. Ultimately this led to a few road trips before finally ending up in Orlando yesterday to buy a 2013 Subaru Forester. Honestly, I'm obsessed with it. Even thinking of trying to create a franken to match the paint, lol. Crazy? Don't care! Long story short, I'm a little behind on swatching and editing photos but I fully intend to catch back up over the weekend

However, the good thing about this is it gives me the chance to talk a little bit about something I probably should have addressed earlier; color adjusting. I was talking to some ladies on Makeup Alley who asked not so much about frankening itself but adjusting the colors of their existing polishes (i.e. making them warmer or cooler). So I realized that this might be a good topic to cover with you today. In order to best color adjust any nail polish product, it definitely helps to look at a color wheel. You are best off tweaking your colors with what is called, analogous colors, or colors that are closest on the color to the color you want to change. If you move too far from that spectrum, you will most likely end up with a different color altogether or a weird nasty color that you didn't intend for in the beginning. Given that reds/purples, and yellows/greens can straddle both sides of the warm and cool spectrum, those will most likely be the easiest to tweak without having to completely change the base color.

Keep in mind that warm colors are yellows, reds, oranges, red-based purples, browns, yellowish greens, etc. while cool colors are blue based purples/pinks, blues, blue based greens, etc. So if you want to color adjust a a green that is too cool for example, you would want to opt to adjust with yellows or other yellowish green hues. The same applies for warm to cool (but opposite of course !).

So anywho, hope that helps a little bit! You can be sure that I will be back on Monday raring to go with more franken posts. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to always keep it classy and creative!

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