Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Raspberry Crush

Hello ladies, today we have yet another happy accident of a franken. I was going for a deep ruby red-ish type of holo but turns out that adding the holo changes the base color. Bah, kinda sucks but either way I was still happy with it. This franken consisted if about 7/8 of a bottle of glamour base and the remainder being TKB red jellie base. Now with holos you do have to be careful not to overcolor your base, in doing that it makes it harder for the holo to show through. After adding the red jellie I then added two scoops of Spectraflair pigment and this turned the bright red base into a dusty raspberry colored base. Thus Raspberry Crush was born

Here is a picture in daylight to show you the dusty red/raspberry base color

And now we have the flash picture to show you how the holo comes out to play in the right lighting

And finally, we have a blurred pick to show you the linear of the holo

I think I've realized that it doesn't really matter how badly I may jack up a base color if you add Spectraflair or any other holo glitter, it instantly makes it magical. So overall, I was pretty happy with it. And even better, if you have a very careful hand (which I do not), you can actually get by with just one coat of this. I have done two for the pictures above. Now, I do understand that Spectraflair is nearly impossible to get your hands on but I have seen around the interwebs a couple of glitters that are supposed to be as good as Spectraflair. However, TKB's Luminosity glitter may be a good stand in but it will provide a more scattered holo effect rather than a linear effect.

So that's it for Raspberry Crush, looking forward to seeing you back next week for another fabulous franken! Thanks for stopping by and remember to always keep it classy and creative! 

Today's Ingredients came from: 
Spectraflair pigment: Ecrater
Red Jellie Base and Glamour Base TKB Trading 

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