Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From Cosmic Checkers to Comets!

Today's franken is probably one of the most simple and freakin awesome frankens I've made. Now the complexity of this is going to blow your mind, ready? When you mix together Orly Space Cadet and add a few scoops of TKB Luminosity glitter, you get this bad ass right here, and I call it comet!

Now I tried beastly hard to try and take a good picture that captures the copper, pink, purple, and green multichrome while still also showing the holo, but this was pretty much all I got. However, I did notice that I might have stumbled upon a pretty close dupe for the now discontinued Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger which is pretty awesome if you missed that boat and are still lemming pretty hard. Athankyouverymuch! This polish was fully opaque in two coats and smooth, dry time was average. Hey it might have even inspired me to see if I can rock anymore duochrome holos. We shall see! That's it for today, keeping it short and sweet!  Remember, as always, to keep it classy and creative!

Today's ingredients were: TKB Luminosity glitter from TKB Trading and Orly Space Cadet that I bought from a local Ulta


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