Monday, January 7, 2013

As a matte-er of fact!

Hi ladies! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Today's polish turned out to be a happy little accident I created a little while back. I recently found out that you can create matte polishes by just using matte topcoat. They are pretty awesome for suspension use too! So I was trying to create a duochrome matte polish using the TKB matte pigments and instead I ended up with this bad boy, which I like to call Earthbound:

Check out the sweet bottle shot! The duochrome definitely showed up in the bottle, can you see the blue around the edges?

Here is a closer shot to try and show you some of the shimmer

This polish was made by using the Hard Candy matte top coat, a few drops of TKB matte black base, TKB Travel to Earth pigment (3 scoops), and one scoop each of TKB's aqua and purple sparks.  Add of course, 2 agitator balls and shake! This polish is pretty cool because depending on the lighting, sometimes its gray and sometimes its a dark green but it always retained the small shimmer from the sparks that made it more complex than just a standard matte. Now while I WAS going for a duochrome finish, I was still pretty happy with what I ended up creating. Now being a matte, this polish did dry very fast and can end up clumpy if you don't apply it carefully. Also, its best to use a good thick base coat or ridge filler with something like this as the matte tends to amplify any nail imperfections, plus it helps with tip wear and chips! It was totally opaque in two coats. Next up, I found something on Pinterest that told me that I could make my own matte topcoat by mixing cornstarch in with clear coat. I'm pretty stoked to try this out and see if it will work, or create some weird doughy polish nonsense. I will report back as soon as I find out! Well, that's all for now, but I look forward to seeing you guys back next time with our new franken creation!

Todays supplies can be found at the following: Franken bottle, agitator beads, aqua/purple Sparks!, Travel to Earth pigment (shifts between blue and green), and matte black basecoat: TKB Trading and Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love top coat: Walmart

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