Friday, January 11, 2013

Redheaded Step Child

You know that title made you just a little bit curious! My best friend is a Speech & Language Pathologist down in South Florida and I made this polish as part of her Christmas gift last year. Being that she's a redhead, I decided to call this polish Red Headed Step Child as opposed to its other R-rated alcoholic potential polish name, ahem. So this was created by making a jelly base using China Glaze Scarlet and TKB Luster Base. Then I added Glitter Mix Boutique Magic Hex MIx (At least 5 scoops) and TKB's red flakies (at least 4 scoops). As usual, you add a couple agitator balls, harlem shake that thing, then check out your final product; you're very own Redheaded Step Child:

I love the shiny squishy base that Scarlet made when combined with the Luster Base and it was translucent enough to allow the flakies and the glitter to show through, but still remained surprisingly smooth when dry. The polish was opaque at two coats and leveled well despite what was in the polish. Please note, even though I usually make my frankens as minis, this polish was made in full size since I gave it away as a gift. Well that's it for this beauty, hope you are as excited to see what I have in store as I am to show it to you!

And as always, remember to keep it classy and creative!

Today's ingredients came from: China Glaze Scarlet from my local Sally Beauty Supply, Luster Base and Red Flakies from TKB Trading, and Magic Hex Mix Glitter from You Mix Glitter

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