Monday, January 21, 2013

Misty Morning

Welcome to yet another post here at Franken Femme! I am so glad you are here! Today's post is the brain child of a friend of mine named Alana and she asked me to create a gray polish with shimmer. Now I knew that was definitely doable but I also wanted to make sure that I created something unique for her so she could be proud to show my handiwork on her nails. That being said, today's polish started with a base of TKB Luster. I then added alternating drops of black and white Wet 'n' Wild cream polish. I'm not sure EXACTLY how many I used but I do know that I used a little bit more white than black. HOWEVER, make sure if you make this that you do not go too heavy on the alternating black and white polish as it will end up making the overall base too opaque to show the remainder of the glitter inside! After I got my desired shade, I followed it up by adding 3 large scoops of YouMix Magic Hex glitter and one good scoop of TKB Noble Sparks. Once this is all combined together, what came out is this awesome dusty grey that shimmers from the inside thanks to the glitter and the sparks. I decided to call it Misty Morning

This bottle shot really shows how awesome the glitter looks peeking out of the gray base

Macro bottle shot

Swatch. I like how the gray is predominant but you can definitely see the glitter showing through

And macro nail shot to try and show you that you really CAN see it close up

This polish was fully opaque in two coats and much to my surprise, not too bumpy. Its definitely nothing that one coat of top coat can't fix. I also like that the base is just gray, it doesn't lean taupe, or green, or purple, or any other color that grays typically lean. However, should you choose to make this, it can definitely be customized to make the gray lean more to a different base color. Well that's it for this polish, hope you enjoyed it! Can't wait for the next post and as always, remember to keep it classy and creative!

Today's supplies came from:
TKB glamour base and Noble sparks: TKB Trading 
Wet 'n' Wild White and Black Cream polishes: pretty much any drugstore, Walmart, or Target
Magic Hex Glitter: You Mix Glitter

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  1. Yay!! I love it. Exactly what I was thinking of. :) It's great on it's own or as a top coat. Thank you!!


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