Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hi ladies and sorry about the super late post! Life has definitely gotten in the way this past week or so but I promised myself that no matter how crazy my life got, my blog would stay constant, hence, the super late but still normal Wednesday post! Today's polish idea comes courtesy of my friend Maureen. She is going to Megacon this coming week and asked me to make her something to match the outfit she was wearing. I started off with half a bottle of TKB's Glamour Base. I followed it up by adding a few drops each of Milani Neon in Totally 80's, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, and Color Club What A Shock! (all bright greens, one pulling more blue and the other two pulling more yellow). I then added two to three good sized scoops of matte sunshine .015 hex and black .025 squares. I finished it off with one good scoop of Luminosity holo glitter, topped it off with suspension base, and shook that bad boy like a polaroid picture. While making this polish, I couldn't for the LIFE of me remember the name Megacon so I just went ahead and named it what I did affiliate with, thus the name Nerdicon (please don't take offense to this, Megacon DOES seem awesome!) :)

Blurred bottle shot, you can see the glitter and a little bit of the holo coming out to play


Shade (ugh, bad lighting but I took this picture while babysitting and this was all I had to work with)

Flash with bottle

This polish is a little sheer as it needed to be to be able to allow the glitter to show through the layers. However, it was opaque in 2 thick or 3 thin coats. Seeing as much of this base is neon, the polish did dry a little matte so swatches show one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-dry as top coat. The glitters were easy to get out of the bottle and spread on the nail. Now let me tell you, this is not necessarily a polish that I would think about making on my own but I definitely dig it. I hope Maureen loves wearing it at Megacon!

Well that's it for Nerdicon, looking forward to Friday for another franken. Plus, I think I have an idea for a new series and I am pretty excited to share it with you guys! So until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:

* TKB Glamour Base, .025 Black square glitter, and Luminosity holo glitter: TKB Trading
* Matte Sunshine .015 Hex: You Mix Glitter (unfortunately, it seems they are out of the .015 size however, they do have the .040 size so the glitter will be a tad bit bigger)
* Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Milani Neon Totally 80's: I found mine at my local Target but these are pretty standard drugstore colors
* Color Club What a Shock!: I found mine in a set from Ross but they can also be purchased on both Amazon and Ebay


  1. Very very beautiful! I love green polishes :)

  2. I am such a sucker for a beautiful green... Love It!

    1. Thank you! This one was soooo far out of my comfort zone though lol.


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