Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi ladies, hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Lucky for you I don't have much to yammer about so how's about we get straight to the polish hmmmmmmm?

As you all now, I recently purchased and tested some circle glitter that I found via Nail Labo and this is my first polish using one of them! There is no rhyme or reason for this one, I just kinda threw some stuff in a bottle and hoped for the best (I know I know, my eloquence and penchant for descriptive words are second to none, try to control yourselves). First, I filled a polish bottle halfway with TKB's Luster Base. Then, I added a couple of scoops of Erikonails circle glitter ERI-67 (a 1mm sized silver holo color) and one scoop of TKB's Luminosity holo glitter. I followed that up with quite a few drops of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme for the base color and filled the remainder of the bottle with suspension base before mixing. I named this polish Lunar because it reminds me of a full moon and stars in a night sky. Che-ch-ch-ch-check it out!!


I applied this polish over a light grey franken and this is two coats. I think there would be no problem getting it opaque on its own in 2-3 coats. The black jelly base is great at showing the depth of the circle glitters while still allowing them to shine through the layers. The holo glitter definitely adds extra oomph to the holo circle glitters and lemme tell you, this thing is an attention grabber! Super sparkly, I love it! Dry time was normal and the polish self leveled easily. I did have to place the glitter somewhat where I wanted it to go but it was nothing especially troublesome.

Well that's it for today, hope you loved today's franken as much as I loved creating it! Yay for circle glittaaaaaaaa!

And remember kids, always keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:
Eriko Nails ERI-67 Circle Silver Holographic Glitter: Nail Labo
Luminosity Glitte and Luster Base: TKB Trading
Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme: Can be found at most drugstores, Walmart, and Target


  1. I LOVE CIRCLE GLITTER!!! Very cute polish!

    1. Yeah, I am pretty circle glitter obsessed right now too. Thank you my dear Jenna!


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