Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drugstore Digits Series: Bridge Over Troubled Waters **PIC HEAVY**

Well ladies I have done it again, I have gone and made an utterly lovely polish and screwed it up with application issues. However, I think this one MIGHT be saved with careful application and patience (which let's face it, I am to patience what Tim Tebow is to being a good NFL player <--- UF ALUM BURN). I only used 3 polishes for this franken and they are Spoiled's Deeper Dive (a gorgeous deep blue jelly with oodles of color shifting flakies),  Revlon Minted (a super streaky mint cream), and Sinful Colors Happy Ending (a yellow based green with bright golden shimmer). The Majority of the bottle (about half) was taken up by Deeper Dive as I wanted you to be able to see the flakies no matter what. The remainder of the bottle was filled with Minted and Happy Endings (am I the only one who's mind goes to a dirty place with that name?). I should have known there was trouble afoot when I tried to shake this thing for a solid 30 minutes and it still did not want to mix readily, when it finally did, here is what we had. Now I warn you, this is PIC HEAVY to try and show you all the aspects of the polish

These multiple next few photos are to try and coax the flakies to come out. Mission...semi accomplished?


Bottle shot with flash

Bottle shot no flash. I found you flakies!

The contenders

Now to get to the down and dirty, this polish was THIN and pooled. Not only that but this thing created bald patches like I have NEVER seen when I went over the same spot twice. These swatches show two thick and semi dabbled coats. There is hope though, I really think applying this polish more slowly and waiting longer between coats could do this thing a WORLD of good. Plus, I don't want to give up on it just yet, look at that gorgeous, vibrant, rich teal jelly color. I DIE.

Well, that's all for this delinquent polish right now. Like I said, I won't rule her out but she will not be able to play if she can't do it nicely. So maybe she should go and think about that...

So ladies, see you back on Friday for another Drugstore Digits polish and remember to always keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:
* Spoiled polish: Walgreens
* Minted: gifted from my friend Alana
* Happy Endings: Target

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