Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drugstore Digits Series: Neon Spit Fire

Hello ladies and I apologize, I usually post on Mondays but for some reason it seems that my scheduled post never posted, meh. I am super excited about this week too, so sorry for the delay. So this week begins week one of a two week series that I have dubbed Drugstore Digits; or frankens that are made entirely through purchasing and mixing polishes found in your local Walmart, CVS, Sally's, etc. (made especially for those ladies who want to franken on a smaller scale). So on we go to our first franken of the week, Neon Spit Fire!

This polish started with about half a bottle of NYC Big City Dazzle, a red based multi glitter. I chose to start with a glitter base this go around because glitters require a thicker suspension base to suspend the glitters and therefore, it will ensure good suspension of the remainder of the polishes you choose to mix in. I then added a few drops of Pure Ice Spit Fire, a lavender holo glitter in a clear base. I followed that up with about an 1/8th of a bottle each of Milani Neon in Pink Hottie and Pure Ice Tease (a great hot magenta jelly withe gorgeous magenta to blue shifting shimmer). I topped it off with the remainder of Big City Dazzle, added some mixing balls, and Harlem Shook that thing (bad joke? You know what's worse? The ACTUAL Harlem Shake) What came out was a hot neon pink base sprinkled with microglitter:


No flash


Here we have the league MVP's

So this is Neon Spit Fire, a name that was clearly created be my just sticking two of the polish ingredients names together (creativity and eloquence all in one package here folks). Though it's not necessarily something I see myself wearing often, I do like that the pink base matches enough with the microglitter to keep it looking well put together, but not so much that it is obnoxiously matchy matchy. The formula was decent, there was decent glitter coverage. The first coat is a little streaky and very sheer. Swatches show three coats plus one coat KB Shimmer Clearly on Top for topcoat. It self leveled well but did dry to a little bit of a gritty and matte finish.

Well thanks for tuning in to the first installment of Drugstore Digits. As always, remember to keep it classy and creative and I leave you with this little gem, the REAL Harlem Shake
 photo tumblr_inline_mihklc2mp01qz4rgp.gif

Today's Franken Supplies Came From:
* Target
* Kmart
* Walmart


  1. This is a very pretty pink. I like the little pieces of glitter.

    1. Thank you Courtney! If I could put Barbie on my nails, I think this polish nailed it, lol.


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