Monday, March 4, 2013


Hi ladies, hope your monday is going well and is not dragging too badly. I almost feel like I need a weekend from my weekend! My boyfriend was out of town this weekend so I used it as motivation to get stuff done around the house to make it go by faster. So that included overtime at work, about 6 loads of laundry, painting our bedroom wall since we are moving, cleaning the kitchen, and washing dishes. I definitely feel accomplished but needless to say, this girl needs a break fo sho.

Anywho, I mentioned last week about how I was obsessed with Cult Nails Annalicious for its sassy, glowy goodness. So that got me wondering if I could make something similar, not a dupe, but similar. This polish started with about half a bottle of TKB Luster base, I then added about 1/8th of a mini bottle's worth of Wonder Beauty Products' Primary Red Color Base (this was my first try using the primary red color base, it is a super saturated cream base that is GREAT for coloring polishes and is big 3 free!). I then put one scoop each of TKB's gold sparks and red sparks. I shook it up to test out the color and given the white base color of the sparks, the base color of the polish was lightened significantly. I then added about 4 drops of black cream polish followed by quite a few drops of orange polish to pull some of the blue tone from the red base. What resulted was an awesome, sparkly, glowy polish which I named Ember:

Macro: glowy goodness

With flash

Bottle shot: you can see the gorgeous sparks on the inside, plus, apparently a random glitter on the left side


I think Ember is a great name for this polish and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it seems to glow even in low lighting. The polish was opaque in two coats, self leveled like a boss, and was not brush strokey in the least. Dry time was normal and swatches are without topcoat. 

Well that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed Ember as much as I do! See you lovely ladies on Wednesday for more franken goodness!

So until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:
TKB Luster Base, red sparks, and gold sparks: TKB Trading
Red Cream Base: Wonder Beauty Products
Black Cream Polish: Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme which can be purchased at most drugstores
Orange Shimmer Polish: LA Colors unnamed orange which I scored in a set I found randomly at Ross

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