Friday, February 22, 2013

Shattered Glass

Welcome back ladies and let us rejoice, Friday is upon us again! I'm looking forward to a craft/wine night with some of my girlfriends. It will give me a chance to get ahead with frankening! Anybody have any last minute requests for polishes they'd like to see made? Other than that my boyfriend and I have a Wounded Warrior 5k on Saturday and home improvement projects for the rest of the weekend; no really, TRY to contain your excitement. Does anybody else have anything fun going on? I may need to live vicariously through you. So today I have a new top coat to show you. This one was super easy too. I filled the majority of a bottle up with TKB Luster base then added one scoopful each from the majority of TKB's colors for their Mermaid Collection, Fairy Violet, Seawitch Green, Blue Diamond, Gold Dust, and Siren Red. What came of it was a wonderful almost flakie looking polish that looked great over any color but really POPPED over a dark base. I named it Shattered Glass!

Sun shot, sorry about blinding you on that

Bottle shot...swoon

One coat shown over from index to pinkie, naked nail, Cult Nails Manipulative, Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, and Essie Lady Like

And BOOOOOOM, money shot! Sweet sweet macro!

I'm sold, I love the delicateness of the glass fleck and the fact that it compliments pretty much any color beautifully. It dried surprisingly smooth given how jam packed with flecks it was. I will even bet that you can make that baby opaque in about 3 thick coats. The polish leveled well and dry time was a smidge longer than normal, nothing too off putting.

And this concludes Shattered Glass. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I look forward to seeing your bright shining faces on Monday! Until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supples Came From:
TKB Luster Base and Mermaid Collection: TKB Trading

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