Friday, February 8, 2013

Groundling and Giveaways!

Hello ladies and welcome to Friday!! Woohoo! No special plans for me this weekend but I am hoping to get together with friends to play Cards Against Humanity. Those of you not familiar, think Apples to Apples only dirtier.... and possibly offensive. Now if you have an absolutely ridiculous and immature sense of humor such as I do, you will stinking LOVE this game. PLUS, the website will actually let you print out their playing cards for FREE. Now that's awesome. No let me forewarn you, if you are easily offended please do not play this game, just trust me on this. Now moving onto the polish. This one was pretty simple, another matte. Looking back on my blog I have realized that I have barely done any straight shimmers or creams so I think I will probably get working on that. As always, if you have any request, let me know! So today's polish I called groundling because for some reason it reminds of me of dirt (cute right?) and water. I started off with matte polish base (Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love), I then added about 3 scoopfuls of MAC's blue-brown pigment, an AWESOME red toned brown with blue flash. I shook it up and cheked it out and it was pretty, but just not... done. The base was a little too light and red toned for my liking and it didn't have enough oomph. I then followed up by adding two scoops of TKB's blue sparks and adding a few drops of brown cream polish to darken the base. After that final shake, I was pretty happy and Groundling happened!

Bottle shot which really shows off the blackened base with the blue shimmer

Here is the matte with one coat of topcoat. The shimmer comes out to play more this way and the base is slightly lighter.


This shade turned out really vampy, which I thought was pretty cool as it was offset by the blue shimmer. It was pretty ridiculously streaky with the first coat, great by the second coat, and perfect by the third. Being a matte, dry time was fast (don't forget, this also means you have to paint fast to avoid dragging and bald spots!).

Alright my loves, lets's get to the REAL reason you are here, my very first blog giveaway, as promised! Just want to thank everyone for being awesome and following me on my blog journey! This contest will be open for one week and to US RESIDENTS ONLY (shipping is a beast, sorry!) Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway and the winner will be notified at the end of the contest. The winner will receive one custom full size franken (which they create) made personally by yours truly :) Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today's Supplies Came From:

MAC Blue Pigment: DIllard's
Matte Base: Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love and plain black cream polish: Walmart
TKB Blue Sparks: TKB Trading

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