Monday, February 25, 2013

Review- F4 Polish Midnight Circus

Hello lovely ladies and (un?)happy Monday! My boyfriend and I went ahead and did our 5k over the weekend. Over some weird debauchery and confusion, we ended up getting started AND finishing dead last, lol. Doesn't bother me though, I still had fun. Other than that I worked some over time and kept close to home. It's been pretty much nonstop rain for the past three days so that kind of kills my getting out of the house buzz. Hope everyone else had a great weekend :)

Today we have a review of a brand I'm sure that sme of you have heard of and others who have not called F4 polish. You can find them on Etsy here or on Facebook here. F4 is an indie polish created by 4 sisters, Jenn, Lacey, and Lexy. I picked up my first F4 a few months ago on a whim based on another blogger review (found here). I headed over to their Etsy page and was immediately enamored with Midnight Circus. This polish had it all, fine black matter glitter, white matte squares, and multi colored almost satin matte hexes. I mean, HELLO, what's not to love? So I went ahead and picked it up.  When the polish came to me in the mail, I was obsessed immediately. That was, until I put it on. This thing was thick, and I mean thick, The polish would get clogged in the neck of the bottle when I was trying to apply it and dry time took FOREVER. I ended up adding a few drops of thinner and that made a world of difference with the application issues. Dry time was average and coverage was pretty decent. I'm not sure it is a full coverage type polish but the glitter spread easily without having to dabble it or place glitters.

I put Midnight Circus over Cult Nails Annalicious which is a stunning glowy red jelly with strong gold and orange shimmer. Pictures show two coats, still with some VNL (visible nail line):

Check out how this polish seems to just glow from the inside out

STRONG gold and orange shimmer

Color accurate bright red color

I then added 2 coats of Midnight Circus and this little nail fiesta was created:

Macro to show you the shapes of the glitter and the coverage

To test out the customer service, I asked that they put a smiley face somewhere on the order and they put this little guy on the bottle. Love it!

Now I layered this over a red, but I'm sure this polish would look equally eye catching over pretty much any color...ever...except brown. Brown would probably be weird. Midnight Circus was still a bit thick but manageable after thinner. It needed a tad bit of help with leveling but I know this was due to the ridiculous glitter ratio up in that thing.

So here is the bad news, apparently, Midnight Circus is no longer in the listings. HOWEVER, F4 has many other awesome polishes including a few that are pretty comparable to Midnight Circus. I'm sorry to do that to you but I felt this polish was too amazing not to shout it from the rooftops.  

Well that's it for today, see you back on Wednesday for more polish awesomeness. I am testing out some new glitters and I can't wait to show you what I have found so far (hint, the glitter shape rhymes with mound)! So until next time ladies, always keep it classy and creative!


Cult Nails Annalicious (LE) can be purchased here
F4 Polish can be purchased here


  1. Showed this red to Kori last week. She loved it!

    1. Yes I am OBSESSED with this red! So much so, I tried to create a polish similar to it :)


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