Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Electric Feel

Happy Wednesday my beautiful readers! I hope your week is going well! I was in Savannah over the weekend, which was great by the way, and since I've been back at work I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. A stressed out, overworked, headless chicken....yeah.... So anyways, todays franken is definitely a bright one, which I know I could use because its been pretty rainy here in Tallahassee. I named this franken after MGMT's Electric Feel who's video, I'm pretty sure, is one big acid trip played to music (please note that I DO NOT condone the use of drugs of any type, don't go getting crazy ideas now). If you haven't heard the song or seen the video, let me enlighten you here. This polish reminds me of the part where they break open the moon and rub whatever is in there all over themselves (lost you haven't I? Go watch the video!). I started off with about half to almost 2/3 of a bottle of TKB's Luster Base, I then added a good 3 scoopfuls of TKB Starbites in Cherika Moon. Starbites have a bigger size than the average shimmer and therefore when mixed with polish, give off more of a glass fleck or chunky shimmer. Per TKB, Cherika moon shifts from blue, to purple, to red orange. However, in this polish its more blue, to purple, to hot pink. I then topped off the bottle with Color Club Pure Energy, which is a neon blue with very fine shimmer from the 2009 Electro Candy Collection. Found this at Ross. Seriously, Ross is a great resource for buying frankening polish. They are usually anywhere from $5.99 to $8.99 for a collection of 6 or so. So seriously, check it out. Anyways, what was born was a neon blue glass fleck with subtle shift, check it out!!

Macro, you can see the glass fleck shift around the edges of the nail

Haha duochrome shift! You thought you could avert me but I have caught you! I win!

Swatch with flash to show you how glowy the polish is between the neon and the glass fleck

I personally think this is gorgeous and pretty fitting with a name like Electric feel! This polish was thick due to the amount of glass fleck in it but it definitely was not unmanageable. Dry time was average but given that a neon polish was used in the base, top coat is definitely necessary (neons tend to dry a little bit matte). Opaque in two thickish coats.

Well that's it for today ladies, looking forward to next post, we finally have another topcoat! Next week I will work on reviewing some of my newly acquired supplies and maybe some other indie polishes? Can't wait to see you back here next time!

But until then, make sure to always keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Were From:
TKB Luster Base and Cherika Moon Starbites: TKB Trading
Color Club Pure Energy: I found mine in a set at Ross but it can also be found here or here
(please note that I have never ordered from these vendors and therefore cannot vouch for their services)


  1. The blue is so beautiful and I'm definitely a fan of glass fleck!

    1. Thank you! You can never go wrong with a good glass fleck!

  2. You Win!

    I love this polish!

  3. Blue shimmery goodness! LIKE.

    Hello! I found you through Polish Freshie! She was showing us the lovely franken you made for her! VERY COOL! Glad to find another fellow nail blogger and follow!

    Also. ADORE MGMT. :D

    1. Welcome and thank you! Glad you liked Freshie's Franken, it looks awesome on her too. And gotta love a MGMT girl after my own heart ;)


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