Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Ramblings and a Giveaway!

Good morning my lovely lacquered ladies! Hope your Wednesday is treating you well! I'm thinking that I might be under some sort of manicure curse because in the last two days I have broken FOUR (yes four) different nails, and even the same nail twice. This is clearly some sort of polish retribution I'm unaware of. So anyway, today's post is going to be kind of random. Real quickly just wanted to show you a couple of swatches of polishes I made for some other ladies that are going into the mail today. If your interested, I can post the recipes once they receive them in the mail (so most likely next week?)

First up is a polish I made for a lovely lady in my PAA FB group who offered to send me a bottle of Essie's Shine of the Times (I can't find it ANYWHERE in Tallahassee!). In return, I swapped her a franken which she requested be blue, green, or teal as well as glass fleck or duochrome. Now I am pretty lucky and I have some duochrome glass fleck in my supplies so I was able to create this:

Look ma, a broken nail!

Forgive the dreadful lack of clean up on that (kind of embarrasing, seriously lol). This picture was for swatching purposes to test the polish while I was making it. I used two different types of glass fleck so it gives it an almost multichrome glass fleck appearance.

Next up is a polish that was made for a lovely blogger who was awesome and helped me out when I was just starting. I sent her a polish as kind of a thank you :)

This is kind of awesome and I kind of love it. Might be making some for myself! This is just the bottle shot as for some reason I didn't seem to save any pictures when I swatched it on a couple nails.

Finally, I was thinking about doing a giveaway when I reach 20 followers. The deal would be a winner would be randomly chosen (let's see if I can figure out Rafflecopter!) and she would receive a custom full size franken of her choice. This would be my way of saying thank you to the ladies who have started my journey into blogging with me. And to get completely mushy and honest, I just wanted to let you guys know, that regardless of the amount of followers I have, I really appreciate EVERY one of you. Even if I never got another follower, just being able to meet the amazing people I have so far and read their encouraging comments makes that alone worth it for me. So at the risk of sounding like a total dork, thank you, really. I love each and every one of you :)

Well that's it for today ladies, see you back on Friday for more franken awesomeness! Until then, remember to always keep it classy and creative!


  1. Becca, please let me know if you need any help with Rafflecopter.. It's very easy but I'll be here if you need a hand :)

  2. Yay I am follower #20!! Saw you on PAA & had to follow you! Your frankens are amazeballs!!

    1. Aww shucks thanks! lol. Woohoo! I will have the giveaway up with the post tomorrow. Glad you're here!


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