Friday, December 20, 2013

YouPolish When He Makes Me Laugh- A Review

* Purchased with my own money *

Another week ended. Hopefully it was relatively painless for everyone! I know I am especially looking forward to my week off! Does anyone else have any special plans? Any special Christmastime traditions? Something like maybe… Christmas Jammies (seriously watch the video, it is stinkin' adorable). I'm always intrigued to see how other like to celebrate the holiday so let me know!

Now, for today's polish I'm going to show you When He Makes Me Laugh from YouPolish. I randomly saw a swatch of this on Facebook and as soon as I saw that it had Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse heads, I jumped on that polish like a kid jumping on their Christmas presents. While YouPolish does have a few polishes with Mouse heads, I chose When He Makes Me Laugh. This polish is a clear glitter topper with matte black Mouse heads as well as white and baby pink dots , varying sizes of matte  hex glitter, and teeeeeeeny squares. It's so girly and I love it!

Swatches show one coat over my Orchid holo franken and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry topcoat. Formula was thick, almost gel like, which made it perfect to suspend the glitters. However, it was easily spread on the nail. There were no sinking glitters and even the mouse heads were relatively easy to get out of the bottle with minimal fishing. The glitter did require a bit of placing on the nail but it was nothing outrageous or difficult. I did notice that while the majority of the mouse glitters sat fine on the nail, there were a couple with some small areas that sat up a little higher. This was nothing another coat of topcoat couldn't fix. Overall, I LOVED this polish. The glitter was dense without being over the top or clouding my base color. Brilliant!

Well that's all for today dear friends. Don't forget to check out YouPolish on Facebook, at their shop, and on Twitter. But until we meet again, remember to keep it classy and creative!



  1. Very nice! As you well know, large glitters can be a pain in the neck. Nice that these are so acquiescing. They're also forgiven for not laying perfectly flat, they're so darned adorable ♥

    1. Gaaaaah I know, I couldn't handle ALLTHECUTE!


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