Friday, December 27, 2013


Hello my loves! Are you all recovered from your holiday comas? You're back just in time for New Years! Tidbit of knowledge on me, my boyfriend is a military brat and though he is hispanic, he spent a large chunk of his adolescence in Germany where his dad was stationed. He graduated from high school there and is now here in Florida with me. Well, he would always fly home for the holiday and would stay until a few days after New Year's. His parents are now stationed here stateside and do you know what that means? We get to spend our very FIRST New Year's Eve together... four and a half years later! Not going to lie, I am really stinkin excited :)

 So now that you know a little about me, how about finding out more about today's franken? I started out with about 3/4 of a mini bottle's worth of TKB Glamour base. Because I am a doofus, I'm not exactly sure how much I used, but I used a bit of TKB Magic Diamond Colorant (this is a bright silver metallic and HIGHLY sparkly liquid polish colorant). Finally, I added one small scoop each of Glitter Unique's .008 black holo and silver holo hexes.  Also, apparently I forgot to take a photo of the ingredients, I apologize!

Yeesh, the quality of this photo is terrible. I'm sorry :(

 It looks like a dirty disco ball and I think that's awesome! It's so sparkly and seems like it might be perfect for a New Year's Mani! I love how all the little particles (not JUST the holo glitter) catch the light and sparkle. I love me some sparkly things that's for sure. You know, it kind of reminds me of Alchemy Lacquers Snowberry, but I like the Alchemy version way better. Formula needed 3 thick coats for opacity but that was also due to me thinning my Magic Diamond colorant a bit too much. Swatches also show top coat but it wasn't terribly gritty or anything like that.

 Well that's all for today, have a great weekend and see you back next time for more great franken adventures! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


 Today's Supplies Are From:
* Glamour Base and Magic Diamond Colorant: TKB Trading 
* .008 Black Holo and Silver Holo Hex: Glitter Unique


  1. A stunning polish and congrats on being able to ring in the New Year with your honey!

  2. This is perfect for New Year's. I don't know what it is about the end of the year that just begs for multiple kinds of glitter. Hope you have a great time whatever you end up doing. :)

    1. Thank you, you too! I agree, glitter is always great, but NYE glitter is an excuse to be ridiculous.


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