Monday, December 23, 2013

Sparkling Plum

Well here we are at another wonderful Monday! Difference is, I get to sleep in for this one! Hopefully everyone has gotten their Christmas shopping done. I'd hate to see the stores right about now * shudder * Anyone have any good gifts they are asking for this year (or got already if you celebrate Hannukah or another holiday)? Everyone still enjoying their snow? Despite the marked lack of snow, seeing as that I am in Florida, I have enjoyed using my fireplace over the past week. If there is one thing that really makes me feel cozy and in the holiday spirit, it's a warm toasty fire. Well, between that and my obsession with S'mores, it's KIND OF a match made in heaven.

 But I digress, hopefully you are ready for todays gorgeous new polish! I was super excited because recently, I noticed that Glitter Unique's website had a category for effects flakes. These are small micro flakes in a bunch of different colors. Being the flake lovin lady that I am, I ordered a couple colors and today, I have sparkling taupe to show you. So I started this polish, of course, with 3/4 of a mini bottle's worth of TKB Luster Base. I then added 5 drops of (a thinned out) Gloss Black Nail Polish Colorant also from TKB. Next, I added one medium scoop of Glitter Unique Sparkling Taupe Micro Flakes. Finally, I added one small scoop each of Glitter Unique's .004 Purple Hex and Garnet Hex. I was planning on a shimmering blackened taupe base with a smattering of purple based glitter. Nope, none of that.

Ohhhhh this swatch! I can't even...

I definitely did get a blackened jelly base, but one that was overwhelmingly purple. The taupe flakes were there, but served to provide more dimension and glow to the polish. All while still having a hazy darkness to it due to the black jelly base. Yup, this was nothing like I had intended, it was BETTER. I.AM.IN.LOVE. Not just a "hey this polish is pretty" kind of love, but a "top 10 of all time kind of love"; and for a gal who's made hmm, I dunno, over a hundred polishes in her lifetime, that's a pretty big claim for me. It's just so... vampy and twinkly! Weird combination, I know. Swatches show three coats and one coat of HK Girl Top Coat. Due to the glitter, the polish was a little bumpy when dried. However, it was completely smooth after one coat of top coat. Formula was easy to manage and glitter spread evenly due to it's small size. 

 Well that's all for today my dears! Hopefully you enjoyed this polish as much as I did! See you next time for a Christmas themed polish (had to do one!). But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative! 


 Today's Supplies Are From: 
* Luster base and gloss black polish colorant: TKB Trading 
* Taupe Micro Flakes, Purple Hex Glitter, and Garnet Hex Glitter: Glitter Unique

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