Monday, June 24, 2013

Review- Misfits on 8th pigments (neons and flecks) *Pic heavy but oh so worth it!*

* Press Sample *

Hi ladies and happy Monday! I am back after a very unplanned week long blog hiatus. To be honest I was a little burnt out and I feel like this week did me a world of good! I am back and ready to go, and with something super awesome to boot! I was gratuitously wasting time on Etsy one day and came across this great shop called Misfits on 8th that sold a diverse variety of glitters, pigments, and other franken supplies. Long story short, Natasha, the owner of the shop sent me a BUNCH of fantastic stuff and I'm here to show you the first few!

Today we will be checking out her green neon pigment, yellow neon pigment, pink neon pigment, and gold fleck! I also have to mention, Natasha included a .15 gram scoop with my package and this thing is seriously a game changer for me. It is SO much easier to log exactly how much is used. Way better than my previous straw method!

Here is a better view of the gold flecks

Here we have one .15 gram scoop of each pigment in a mini bottle of TKB Glamour suspension base

Neon!! The yellow is definitely a tad brighter and slightly green toned

Here is a swatch of the neon polishes with one coat of Gold Fleck top coat which I made by putting one .15 scoop of fleck in with TKB Luster Base

This picture actually shows the awesome flecks!

Now, I was seriously impressed with the products themselves, the pigments dispersed fairly easily into my suspension base with a normal amount of shaking. Not only that, but swatches show NO TOPCOAT! I have never seen a neon dry down to such a shine before. Love! Now putting one scoop of pigment into the mini bottle did create a sheer-ish jelly so all photos (except the gold fleck) show 3 coats. As for the glass fleck, I think it looks great as a top coat; it adds bling without masking the base color. I can't wait to mix it into some polishes to see what we come up with!

Well that's all for today's review. I have one more part coming up on Wednesday that I am super excited to show you. You'll definitely want to check back because this is a product I had been searching for for a long time! But until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Keep up with Misfits on 8th and find her products here:

* Etsy

** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty **


  1. Oh my goodness!! That green looks like Fla-Vor-Ice!!

    1. That immediately made me think of this, lol:

  2. I love neons and these look sooo pretty!!

    1. They are awesome! Definitely worth a look if you're up for making your own. :)

  3. Very cute . They look very nice with the fleck top coat.

    1. Thanks girl, I was surprised how much I liked the fleck top coat since it was so simple :) Hope you're doing well btw, I was wondering where you'd run off to!


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