Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stump the Femme - Jay and Silent Bob

Moving on in this week's Stump the Femme series, we have Jay and Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob are a highly offensive (albeit hilarious) duo of characters that frequent Kevin Smith films (Kevin Smith also happens to be Silent Bob). Now what are these totally righteous dudes famous for in their movies? Being straight up stoners. Yup, that's it. Please note that I do not condone the use of illegal drugs but it is amusing to watch in a fiction setting. See if you can figure out the inspiration for today's polish!

This baby started off with TKB Glamour Base, I then added one small drop of TKB black nail polish colorant, one large size drop of Vanti805 green colorant, one small scoop of TKB Seawithc Green Reflecks, one small scoop of Aisha Gold shiner (which is a duo chrome that shifts from a gold to green similar to Chanel Peridot), 3 drops of Spectraflair size 14 from Spectraflair4u, and one small scoop of .015 lime holo from YouMix

Full Sunlight

Indirect Light

Swatches show two thick coats and one coat of top coat. You guessed right, the inspiration was weed, really, how could it be anything else with Jay and Silent Bob? So this is the linear holo weed colored goodness.  Formula is super easy and self levels like a champ! There is a very subtle shift in the polish that comes from the Aisha Gold shimmer. This one is another hit with me. Partially because it's kind of similar to another polish I made. Eh, whatever. 

So, that's all for Jay and Silent Bob, see you around for the final installment of Stump the Femme. Lemme warn you, this one is weird! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative! 


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Glamour Base: TKB Trading
* Green Color Base: Vanti805
* Lime Green Holo: YouMix (still out of commission)

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