Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Franken Farewell

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is one that I have been struggling with and contemplating for awhile; months in fact. So, after giving it ALOT of thought, I have decided to close up shop here at the FrankenFemme blog. I still am a polish girl through and through but I feel like my priorities have changed (due to my hectic personal life/blog related problems) and it's not fair to string anyone along when my heart is just not in it anymore. I truly cherish all the lovely ladies I have met along the way. You can bet I will still be around to bug you on your blogs ;^) Also, I have decided that I will still be around on IG so find me there if you wanna. Just a word of warning, that account with include personal photos, nail art, polish, AND frankens. But either way, I would love to keep in touch with you! I will also keep my blog up and my e-mail active for awhile in case you have any questions or just want to say hello! I wish everyone nothing but the best in your polish (and life) endeavours and if you take nothing from this blog, just remember to always keep it classy and creative! xo Becca FrankenFemme

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