Monday, June 2, 2014

Stump the Femme - Fern Gully

Ahhhhh the nostalgia! Today's Stump the Femme winner is Fern Gully and I could not be more thrilled. I wanted to BE Crysta growing up as a kid. I would totally get down with my acting chops pretending I was flitting through the forest with Batty (voiced by Robin Williams). I was definitely a dork growing up; but I was a forest fairy dork so it was all good.

Anywho, let's check out today's interpretation of the movie Fern Gully shall we?

As always, I started this polish with TKB Glamour Base. Next I added 2-3 drops of Vanti 805 green base. Then, I added two small scoops of .008 green holo hex from YouMix, one small scoop of .015 lime green holo hex from YouMix, one small scoop Misfits on 8th purple/blue/green multi chrome glitter, one small scoop Misfits on 8th red/blue/purple multi chrome glitter, and one small scoop of Glitter Unique's .004 shifting rainbow hex. 

My thought process behind this was to create a predominantly forest green color and then use the multi chrome and iridescent glitters to represent the sun peeking through the trees and hitting the tropical multi colored flowers. I kind of love it. Swatches show two thick coats. The green is super saturated and the glitter spread relatively easily. However, due to the high glitter content, the formula was a little thick, but still super easy to control.  Swatches show one thick coat of top coat and the polish itself was actually much smoother than I thought it would be.

Well that's all for Fern Gully. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and see you back next time for another installment of Stump the Femme! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* TKB Glamour Base: TKB Trading
* Green Color Base: Vanti805
* Green Holo and Lime Holo hexes: YouMix (YouMix has been out of commission for awhile now, it's unknown at this point if/when they are returning)
* Multichrome Glitter: Misfits on 8th
* Shifting Rainbow Hex: Glitter Unique

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