Monday, July 8, 2013

Safety Dance

Happy Monday ladies! Hope everyone has had a wonderful relaxing weekend! Today I bring you a brand new retina burning franken, check it out! I started with about half a mini bottle of TKB's Luster base. I then added about half of a .15 gram scoop each of Misfits on 8th pink neon and yellow neon pigment. I then added a small scoop of fine orange shimmer from Star Trinkets (which was a Singapore based franken supplier which has unfortunately closed shop), and one scoop of TKB's copper sparks (which are slightly bigger in particle size than a mica or fine shimmer pigment). I was envisioning a bright coral color, but ended up with an eye searing traffic cone orange color. So I named it safety dance :)

So take a second, go get your sunglasses, and check out these photos!

Check out that shimmer speaking through!

BOOM, orange.

So I was working towards a coral color but honestly, I kind of love this. I'm pretty sure I can get a pretty decent tan from holding my nails at the right angle. It's bright, and glowy, and fab-u-lous. Swatches show two coats plus one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. There were no issues with streakage or leveling. All in all, I think it'd be a great pedicure color. What do you guys think? Would you rock this color? Well that's all for today's lacquer, tune in Wednesday for a peek into my frankening world! And as I depart, as always, remember to keep it classy and creative! Finally, I leave you with this awesome tidbit

Today's Supplies Are From:
* Pink Neon and Yellow Neon Pigments: Misfits on 8th
* Fine Orange Shimmer: Star Trinkets (shop now closed)
* Luster Base and Copper Sparks: TKB Trading


  1. This looks great! I love the shimmer. I'm afraid that when I wear orange, onlookers will threaten to call the police on's that bad. But I love it on other people! Oh, and the name is fabulous. ;)

    1. Thank you! I was terrified of both oranges and yellows and I can't say I wear them often, but I'm warming up to them. So maybe you just need to find YOUR orange :)


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