Monday, July 1, 2013

Radioactive Berry

Happy Monday my friends, if there is such a thing. I am actually pre-scheduling this post due to some personal family things going on today, but I look forward to seeing everyone back again on Wednesday!

So for this polish, I decided to see what else I could create using my pigments from Misfits on 8th, specifically, that acid pink bad boy. I started with about half a mini bottle's worth of TKB Luster base. I then added a little bit less than a .15 gram scoop of the neon pink pigment. I then added one scoop of TKB .025" black squares and about 3-4 scoops of Glitter Unique neon purple hexes then finished it off with the remainder of the suspension base. Something about this just reminds me of juicy berries or summer fruit. Check it out!

Summer watermelons got nuthin on this!

Swatches show three coats and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. I loves the gorgeous, juicy, bright summer color. I'm kind of on the fence about the neon purple hexes, though. They almost fade into the polish but at the same time, when you notice them, they add an unexpected twist. The formula was ok, but I did have to tip the bottle upside down to make it easier to get the hexes out. But my difficulty in grabbing them could be due to the smaller neck of the mini bottle. 

Well that's all for today's polish! Stay tuned on Wednesday for another awesome neon summer color. But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Luster Base and .025: Black Squares: TKB Trading
* Neon Purple Hexes: Glitter Unique
* Neon Pink Pigment: Misfits on 8th


  1. Very cool polish! Great photos:) Take care.

    1. Thanks Essie! You too, hope you and the fam are doing well :)

  2. Whoa!! It's poppyseed muffins and a strawberry slushie for breakfast!! :) You're so blasted talented.

    1. You flatter me dah-ling! And as weird of a combo as that sounds, it's prettys spot on. So, thank you!


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