Friday, July 12, 2013

Review- Misfits on 8th Pigments (Glow in the Dark)

* Press Sample*

Hello ladies! Happy Friday! Hope everyone's week wasn't too stressful.  I know I'm ready to sleep in and maybe get into some debauchery. Well today I bring you yet another installment of pigments from Misfits on 8th,  and this time, it's glow in the dark pigments!

Shown here is one scoop of pigment in TKB Glamour Base

Swatches above is one coat each, left to right, of the green, aqua, and pink glow

Swatches have been charged under my daylight lamps for about 20 seconds

The pink pigment is a little more pink in real life but my DSLR was having a hissy

The finish was surprisingly smooth given the particle size of the pigment. I will warn you that the pigment does make base  super thick and may require thinner for the over polish. Overall, I was impressed with how readily the pigment dispersed in the base and how glowy they were. The pigment "charged" super fast and retained it's glow for at least 5 minutes afterwards.  

Well that's all for today my dears! Hope everyone's Friday goes by quickly. I will see you back on Monday for more franken creations! Until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Don't Forget to Check Out Misfits on 8th!

** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty **


  1. These totally remind me being 8 and going to Six Flags in the summer...once the sun went down, all you could see was glow sticks and necklaces. That's a nice childhood memory...thanks, Becca. :)

    1. Yes! Me too! Thank YOU for reminding me of my own childhood memories :)


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