Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Mix Glitter: Intensive Review Part 3 * Pic Heavy *

* Press Sample *

Good Morning and happy Saturday! I purposely took this weekend and made no plans in an attempt to refresh my tired, sorry self. My nails and feet desperately needs some TLC (seriously my feet look like Hobbit feet, so embarrassing). Today is the final installment in the You Mix Glitter review prior to the solvent testing. Now, I will take the time to explain why solvent testing is important. You Mix does state that their glitters are solvent resistant, however, after a period of time, some glitters (not necessarily You Mix's but other brands) have been known to succumb to the suspension base and start to bleed and/or curl resulting in the dreaded taco glitter! Anybody remember the horrendous OPI release of When Monkeys Fly? Someone didn't follow up with their solvent testing on that one. Shame! Now when I say solvent testing, I literally just mean putting a glitter in a standard suspension base and letting it sit for a period of time; I am choosing two weeks. This will allow you to see if your glitters will stand the test of time in a suspension base without losing their color, tinting the base, or changing their shape. 

Now that we have the boring stuff out of the way, let's show you the remainder of the mixes along with a group shot!

Alright friends, this beauty is the Sour Candy Mix which is multiple sixes of hexes and squares in a medium blue, grassy green, and bright sunny yellow. I la-la-love this color combo. Reminds me of Pixie Sticks for some reason which aren't sour, but are still stinkin delicious!

Next up we have the Surf and Turf mix which is a medium blue, medium green, and blue based purple in multiple sizes of hexes and squares. The Surf and Turf title is pretty fitting but that still makes me think of seafood and steak, weird?

Finally, here are the bottle shots of the kids playing together. This is what the beginning of my solvent testing looks like. These bottles will now be stashed in a safe place and checked on at one week and again at two weeks to check for bleeding and/or curling. Please note that the hot pink matte and magenta holo glitters have multiple shapes and sizes combined into one bottle. Stay tuned in a couple weeks to see the results!

Well that's it for the glitter mixes provided by You Mix! I will be back on Monday with new frankens to show you while we wait for the solvent testing results! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to keep it classy and creative!


If you are interested in checking out You Mix Glitters, they can be found at the following!:

** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty! **

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