Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Power to the Peep-le!

Hey ladies, super quick post today, I'm typing on my lunch break! Happy hump day by the way :) Anywho, after creating this polish, I realized that I was a tad too late being that we are getting into summer and all. I still think it's adorable and it definitely reminds me of Easter, specifically Marshmallow Peeps! Ever put one in a microwave? Awesome!

So, I started with a base of TKB's Luster base. I then added literally one drop of TKB's Basic Yellow Jellie. I followed it up with a couple of drops of Wonder Beuaty products Primary Yellow Color Base (do NOT be too heavy handed with this, it's a cream polish and will quickly make your franken too opaque) and a couple more drops of white cream polish. Once I had a nice creamy yellow color, I added one scoop of matte lavender .008 hex, two scoops of .062 matte bubble gum pink squares, and 1 and 1/4 scoop of matte minto green .040 hex. Check out what it created and tell me this doesn't remind you of Easter and Peeps!

Woohoo jelly!

The yellow base was wonderful and squishy so the typical yellow application issues did not apply. The glitter spread pretty evenly with minimal placement required for the pink squares. It self leveled easily. Swatches show two coats of polish and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry for smoothness!

Well that's all for this unintenionally Earter inspired polish, looking forward to another sweet glitter creation coming up on Friday! Also, we are on the downward slope for the giveaway so don't forget to enter here. See you back next time ladies and as always, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Luster Base and Basic Yellow Jellie: TKB Trading
* Primary Yellow Color Base: Wonder Beauty Products
* Bubble Gum Pink Squares and Matte Mint Green Hexes: Nail Glitter Princess
* Matte Lavender Hex: You Mix Glitter (site is currently down for maintenance but should be up very soon!)


  1. Awesome!! I can practically taste that artificial pink-colored sugar!!

    1. Haha yes! What was entirely random, we had an impromptu dinner with a friend last night and she definitely had leftover Peeps from Easter. I may or may not have had one... or four...


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