Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey ladies happy Friday! I don't know about everyone else but I have been up to my stinkin eyeballs in work lately. For those of you on summer break from school, I envy you like it's my job right now! So in commemoration of my ridiculous schedule as of late, I've decided to do nothing. That's right, no plans this weekend. If I'm feeling extra saucy I may take a nap, lol.

Anyways, onto the polish! Every so often I will try to order some sample micas to see how they mix into polish, and more often than not, they turn out terribly (trust me, you will never see THOSE rejects).  They usually don't mix readily for me and end up a clumpy mess. This go around, with my last TKB order, I put in for a sample of this gorgeous mint green mica with a lovely sheen called Breath of Spring. When I got it in the mail I figured why the heck not, and went ahead and mixed a small scoop in with about 75% of a bottle's worth of TKB's Luster base. I then added a small scoop each of TKB's Green and Purple Sparks! followed by one very small scoop of fine green shimmer that I purchased from Star Trinkets. Finally, I topped it off with the remainder of the Luster Base and gave it a good shake. What was created was a gorgeous delicate mint green shimmer that reminded me of money, so I called it Embezzle-mint (see what I did there?? eh eh eh??)!

Check out that SUPER nubbin!

Iphone w/ flash is the only way I could track down ANY shimmer. Enlarge it and check it out!

So delicate and glowy!

I ended up loving this polish! This is one of the first times where I could get a good mix with a powdered pigment. There were minimal brushstrokes due to the fine shimmer but they weren't very noticeable. This polish is sheer so swatches show 3-4 thick coats. Self leveling was not a problem and all swatches have one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

So that's all for Embezzle-mint, hopefully you liked it :) I have created quite a few pretties tonight that I can't wait to swatch and show you over the next couple weeks! Also, don't forget to enter the awesome multi-blogger giveaway that's still going on. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend; this is going to be me:

photo found here

 So until next time, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* TKB Luster Base, Breath of Spring mica, Green Sparks, and Purple Sparks: TKB Trading
* Fine Green Shimmer: Star Trinkets (please note that this shop is in Singapore and shipping takes awhile!)

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