Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi ladies and happy friday! I type this to you now from my brand new MacBook (if you remember, one of my dogs decided to punt a bottle of acetone onto my last Mac which then proceeded to eat up my screen... sad days). I got this baby today and it's glorious! So, does anybody have any awesome plans for Memorial Day? My boyfriend and I are heading back home to Tampa to visit the fam and get some pictures taken with my mom.

Anywho onto the polish which I named Nebula! I started out with about 60% of a bottle's worth of TKB Glamour Base. I then followed it up with one scoop each of .015 matte blue hex, .015 matte teal hex, .032 turquoise holo hex, and .015 lime holo hex. Finally, because I was feeling saucy, I added a couple drops of black creme polish and topped the remainder of the bottle off with suspension base. Check out the final product!

Tell me this didn't make you drool on your keyboard a little?

Er-ma-gherd fo reals

Picture found here
I love this polish! I love the depth that the dark base is able to provide for the glitters. Its really is gorgeous in an outer space celestial kind of way. Swatches show 3 coats and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. The glitters required absolutely no placement and needed minimal help with leveling.

Well that's all for nebula, I hope you ladies enjoyed the polish and will enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend. I will be back with a post on Memorial Day so until then, remember to thank your troops and always keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From
* Glamour Base: TKB Trading
* Black Creme Polish: standard drugstore polish, nothing fancy
* All glitters have come from You Mix Glitter (who's web shop is now open again YAY!)


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