Monday, May 6, 2013

Influenster: Sugar and Spice Vox Box

Good morning my lovelies! We are taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled posts to tell you a little bit about the Vox Box. Now, the Vox Box is a program from Influenster that sends you products to review and report back on at NO COST TO YOU. You simply fill out a brief profile survey then wait to hear back. When Influenster thinks you may be a good fit for their review products, they send you an e-mail letting you know and send the box your way. This Vox Box contained all full sized products which I thought was pretty impressive! While it may not necessarily cater to me as a nail blogger specifically, there were definitely some products in here that I could see using in my daily routines. So let's check them out shall we?

My photography skills while at my desk at work
Ok, let's start with the belVita breakfast biscuits which claim to have nutritious sustained energy made with a combination of grains that are carefully baked to release energy regularly and continuously. I tried the cinnamon and brown sugar flavor for breakfast one morning and they were quite good! The biscuit was sweet with a hint of cinnamon that wasn't overpowering. These are touted as being super portable and given the crunchy and crumbly nature of the biscuit, I don't see how you can eat it on the go without making a mess (but I also make a mess of EVERYTHING). Now let's get to the important part, whether or not they lived up to their claims. I noticed after eating them that I didn't necessarily feel any less hungry then normal. Taking a hop, skip, and a jump to My Fitness Pal you will see that the biscuits contain fiber and  protein but not a significant amount. This was a little surprising being that both are imperative for energy and feeling full.  But there is however, no shortage of carbs. It does note that there are no artificial sweeteners.

Photo found here
Moving on we have the Colgate Optic White mouth care. Now I wasn't the best consumer market to send this to as I had some issues growing up and my teeth don't whiten normally like most people's do (I've been told if I try to whiten I will get sweet leopard printed teeth! Leopard, not just for clothing anymore!) So while I did not notice a significant difference using the mouth wash or the toothpaste, I did LOVE the toothbrush. It was firm but not abrasive and left my teeth feeling clean!

Photo found here
Now the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelette. Ohhhhhh Witch Hazel. It has been considered a miracle herb for a long time (seriously, check it out here!). But, LET ME TELL YOU, witch hazel is not for the faint of heart. This stuff smells very strong. So strong in fact, that I refused to use it. I passed the product along to someone else because I could not justify putting that stuff anywhere near my nose. I have a very sensitive stomach though so people with normal to strong stomachs may have no issue!

Again at my desk! Check out that ambiance!
Next up, Nectresse from Splenda. Splenda claims this is 100% natural and made from Monk fruit. The box even says it's diabetic friendly to an extent (yay!) Now, I tried this and loved this. The consistency is the closest thing I have seen to sugar in an artificial sweetener and it blends in nicely. It does taste slightly sweeter than sugar and has a slight after taste which I thought tasted like raisins? Weird, but definitely not bad. The only issue I had for this was the box's claim that this is derived from Monk Fruit. While this is true, this is not the first ingredient and therefore, is not the majority of the product. The first ingredient is Erythritol and more info can be found here about it.

Photo found here
Finally, we have the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer in Total Moisture. I was super excited about this one because being a nail blogger, how great would it be to have a moisturizer that sinks in instantly and lets me keep swatching? While I love the moisture it gives my legs and arms, I do not think this is the ideal product to use on the hands for me. I think I am too hard on my hands and nails and require more intensive products. However, when used other places, the spray was non greasy and soaked in quickly. I remained moisturized for a good period of time and did not feel the need to re-apply. The greatest thing, the claims of instant absorption are entirely true. I was amazed at how quickly this took to my skin! I very highly recommend this for general moisturizing purposes!

Well that's it for the products I was sent to review. Hopefully if you were curious about any of these products, this could help you shed some light on them a little more. I will provide the company's links at the bottom should you want more info. I am pretty sure all of these products can be found at your local grocer or drug store. Also, be sure to check out Influenster to see if you may be eligible for the Vox Box program. It's super simple and you have nothing to lose by checking it out!

So I will see you back this coming week for more frankens plus an in depth review of some new solvent resistant glitters I received! Until next time remember to always keep it classy and creative!


Vaseline Spray & Go


  1. Very neat program! I want to try that Vaseline spray.

    1. Yes! I love that stuff! Just stay away from the Witch Hazel... lol


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