Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Mix Glitter: Intensive Review Part 1 * Pic Heavy *

* Press Sample *

Hi Ladies! Sorry about the impromptu blog break in the middle of this week. Life has been hectic! This was the first time I missed a post and hopefully the last. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss blogging. I will never leave you again, promise! Haha I was searching for some sort of dramatic meme to insert here and found this awesomeness:

Seriously, how often have to wanted to send that to someone on your newsfeed??
Totally non applicable but still hilarious, lol. Well today's post is a little bit different. Those of you that have been with me for awhile know that my blog generally consists of frankens and indie reviews. However, I was contacted by Amber of You Mix Glitters (which specializes in solvent resistant glitters) asking me to honestly review some of her glitters and I thought this would be a great way to get more in depth regarding some of the products and to let you in on solvent testing (which EVERY indie maker should do to assure the quality of their product!). So this is part one of a 3 part series prior to solvent testing. So I bring you today's glitters:

Here we have the magenta holo hexes in the .032 and .015 sizes (paperclip provided for size reference). Seriously, look at that holo flare coming just from using daylight bulbs. Can you imagine that in a polish?? Seriously gorgeous!

Lastly for today, we have the hot pink matte glitters in the square (sizes .025 and .035) and hex (sizes .015 and .040) shapes. Again, the paper clips are provided for size comparison. What I love about these glitters is the coloring is uniform through all four batches. Furthermore, I have seen many matte glitters which seem to have lines on the actual glitter pieces from whatever coloring system used, and there are no coloring lines on these glitters. I LOVE that! To me, it keeps the glitters looking professional!

Well that's all for these glitters. I am super excited to show you what I have coming up for you, glitter mixes with some AWESOME macro shots! Tune in next time ladies for the next you mix installment!

Until next time remember to always keep it classy and creative!


If you are interested in checking out You Mix Glitters, they can be found at the following!:

** These products were provided to me for an unbiased review. My loyalty is to my readers who deserve the utmost respect and honesty! **


  1. Cute glitters! Loved the magenta holo :)
    I laugh a lot with the 1st image! Drama book lol

    1. Haha thanks! The magenta is gorgeous!


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