Wednesday, April 16, 2014

North Star

So I'm completely beating myself up because I missed the blood moon that was visible here the other night in the US. Did anyone catch it? The pictures look amaaaazing! Instead, I guess I will just have the night sky on my nails (though I know that is not NEARLY as cool!)

This polish started off with TKB Luster base followed by 4 thinned out drops of TKB Black Nail Polish colorant. Next, I added one small scoop of TKB Turquoise Tweak Reflecks, one medium scoop .004 purple hex from Glitter Unique, and finally, 2 medium scoops Glitter Unique Mini Holo Stars.

Swatches show three coats plus fast dry top coat. As for the formula, this one did require a little more….. finesse? The mini holo stars are lovely and I hoped they would be easier to get out of a polish bottle given the smaller size. The good news? They are a little easier. The bad news? They are still kind of a pain in the butt and require a little work to get them out of the bottle and place them on the nail. Given that I make all my frankens in mini bottles, it would likely be easier to get stars like these out of full sized bottles. Not only that, but the stars are heavier and do tend to migrate south. This is easily fixed by a quick roll of the polish bottle in your hand but I know a good bit of you would not think this was worth the trouble. 

Overall, this is the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star personified. However, if  were to use it again, I would probably just do one or two quick coats over black. I dig it, I just think it can be tweaked a bit.

Well that's all for today my loves. I will be announcing the Stump the Femme winners on Friday so stay tuned! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Luster Base, Black Nail Polish colorant, Turquoise Tweak Reflecks: TKB Trading
* .004 Purple Hex and Mini Holo Stars: Glitter Unique

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