Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Different Dimension Have a Grape Day - Franken Femme Review

* purchased by me *

Different Dimension has been around for awhile and is definitely one of the bigger name indie polishes right now. So why oh why did I wait so long to get my grubby little hands on one? I just bought my first Different Dimension recently and see this polish line becoming a huge problem for my wallet…. seriously…. and intervention may be needed…. or chaining me to a  chair, whatever. 

Today I have Have a Grape Day to show you! This polish is a purple (cold) to blue (warm) thermal change polish with added shimmer. The maker Missi did mention that the polish can be a little sheer so an extra coat may be needed. Now, my polish niche is totally jewel toned colors for the most part (you would not believe how much I often have to hold myself back from making EVERY.FRANKEN.EVER. a color on this spectrum. Self restraint people!). This polish is so undeniably "me" it hurts. But in the best way possible ;^)

No, my hands are not terrifyingly greasy. I just dipped my tips in cold and warm water

Great photo of the color, terrible photo of the shimmer. Meh.

I made this macro photo XL because, shimmah

Swatches show 3 coats plus top coat and indeed, there is still some visible nail line. However, it is more apparent with the blue than the purple. Formula was thick in an awesome way and smoothed on like lotion to a baby's bottom (that'd be smoothly for the unimaginative ones). I didn't really test dry time as I am a firm believer in the religion of fast dry top coats (hallelujah!). The thermal shift was not hard to see if your nails were past the tips of your fingers. However, those of you with nubbins may have to properly enjoy your polish when touching warm and cold objects. Either way, I love this polish and I see myself wearing this a lot. Well done Different Dimension!

Well that's all for today my loves. See you next time for another franken creation but until then, remember to keep it classy and creative and check out Different Dimension on Facebook and Etsy!

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