Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Memorial- Rachel's Polish

Hold on to your seats my friends, this post will get a little personal. If stuff like this tends to make you uncomfortable, I suggest you skip this post.

Most of you know me as a blogger, some of you know me also as a friend. What pretty much no one knows is in 2007, I had an older sister that passed away from complications of longer term kidney disease. She was 27 and I was still in college. She passed away in July and that day is always hard for me. But you know what is harder? Her birthday. That day is today. While it is extremely difficult and still somewhat surreal to lose someone so young (my little sister was around 11 when it happened), I still thank God that I was able to experience what little time I was able to with her…. even if she was a butthead….. a lot…. like, A LOT. So today, rather than go through the day ducking my head and avoiding people as much as possible without being rude (that's not the way I want t o honor someone), I decided to make a polish in her favorite color, purple. As weird as it sounds, this color has become very important to me and is even going to be one of my wedding colors! So let's check out what I simply called, Rachel's Polish

This lacquer, as usual, started out with TKB Luster base. I followed it up by adding 2 small scoops of TKB EZB 82nd Avenue (a bright neon pink toned purple powder mica),  2.5 small scoops of TKB EZB College Blue (a bright neon mid toned blue powder pigment),  2 drops of thinned down TKB white nail polish colorant to help make the polish opaque, 3/4 of a small scoop of TKB Green Sparks! shimmer, and one small scoop of TKB Cherika Moon (larger particle shimmer which shifts from blue to purple to red to orange).

Couple things, this polish is definitely a bit more neon pink toned but my camera was having none of that. Also, at extreme angles, you could catch the shimmer shift to a badass neon pink but again, the camera was all NOPE. That being said, I definitely like the blue shimmer as it is. Swatch shows 3 coats w/ minimal VNL, plus top coat. Formula was partly between thick and thin and super easy to spread. Dry time was not tested due to the use of fast dry top coat but I did dent my nails about an hour later still (drat!). I love how I was able to combine the purple that my sister loves with the blues and the greens that I love. I think this polish turned out well and I intend to wear it when we go out to dinner tonight to her favorite restaurant!

Well, that's all for now! I hope you liked Rachel's polish, I'm sure she would have! See you around next time for more franken creations! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


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