Monday, March 17, 2014

Alchemy Lacquers Unicorn Horn - Review

*Purchased by Me*

Manic monday my friends. Hopefully you had such a wonderful weekend, you aren't bothered by the start of another week. Maybe a little glittah to help you with your Monday? Today, I have Alchemy Lacquers Unicorn Horn to show you!

It is tough to pin down the colors in this beauty as there is pretty much every color ever in there (with some possible holo). All I know is this thing sparkles more than an effeminate vampire in broad daylight AND I LOVE IT. Swatches show two thick coats and while the macro does make it look like there is not enough coverage, it definitely did not look like that in real life. To the naked eye this thing is full coverage and gorgeous. Fast dry top coat was added to aid in smoothness. It was smooth after one coat of topcoat as the microglitters were small enough to keep from any major to coat eating. Formula was thick due to the serious glitter saturation but super easy to spread. There were no leveling issues.

Well, that's all for Unicorn Horn, check it out the next time you check out Alchemy Lacquers at their shop, on Instagram, or on their Facebook!

See you around next time for more awesome pretties, but until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


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