Friday, December 28, 2012

Franken Basics Part 5: Glitters 2 and Random Junk

So today, we are getting into part 5 and the finale part in the franken basics series. Woohoo! Today we will be covering the remainder of the glitters and just some extra random need to know info. Today's glitters come from Glitter Mix Boutique. Now Glitter Mix Boutique is awesome because it gives you your choice of individual glitter colors and sizes as well as pre-made glitter mixes which make it pretty stinkin easy to franken. Now, I just ordered for the first time from the boutique and it was great! Easy navigation, tracking number provided, and fast shipping. Not to mention I bought my glitters on sale JUST to make it that much more extra awesome. Here is what I bought

Here we have the Mad for Matte mix. This is a mix of squares and hexes that are lavender, orange, red, yellow, green, black, and blue. All matte of course.

Next we have the Magic Hex mix and this is a mix of 2 sizes hexes that are iridescent and flash purple, gold, orange, blue, and green

Here we have the Psychedelic glitter mix and its a ridiculous mix of squares and hexes of different sizes. I can see flashes of holo hex, pink green, orange, and gold. There might be some white in there but it's really hard to tell with the color shift from the holo hexes.

This beauty is Raining Glitter mix and it is pretty similar to the Psychdelic Mix. First thing I notice is there seems to be more smaller sized glitter pieces and it is more pinked toned than Psychedelic. The mix seems to be almost identical with the exception of blue and silver added in.

Next up is the Edgy in Pastel mix which is definitely more colorful than my picture makes it look. Its dominated in fine square and hex black glitter along with a sprinkling of bubblegum pink, sky blue, and pastel green hexes. Also all matte. LOVE this one.

Last but not least is the famous Spectraflair. This is a fine grade powder and I use this to create linear holos. Now, I bought mine off of Ecrater, but the price on this has gone up significantly since I bought it. Plus it only seems one vendor carries it on the site.

So thus concludes the remainders of the glitters that I have. I have some more Sparks that are coming to me in the mail soon so I am pretty excited to give myself even more of a variety! Now the last thing I wanted to do was just get out of the way some of the other randoms involved in frankening. First thing, polish bottles. You can definitely reuse your old polish bottles, but a number of webites also market mini bottles which you put together yourself when you get them in the mail (wicked easy, promise!). Next thing are agitator beads, this is a MUST for any polish creator. They are the tiny little metal balls that you find in the bottom of your polish bottle. They make hand mixing polish SO much easier! TKB trading sells theirs for pretty ridiculously cheap. I have seen on polish supply websites that they sell products that are supposed to make it easier to pour polish ingredients, but I have no problem pouring when I am actually paying attention. Last, would be methods of measurement. Now, I kid you not when I tell you that I literally use a cut up straw to measure my pigments


And this works well for me personally so this is what I will be referring to when talking about polish recipes. So, with that being said, I think we finally concluded the franken basics series! So that means we can move on to awesome polish creations! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and I will see what I can do.

As usual ladies, stay classy and fabulous!

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