Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Franken Basics Part 4: Glitters 1

Hope everyone has had a great holiday! Looking forward to the new year, a fresh start! But I'm not going to fool myself into trying to make a resolution other than to keep being my fabulous self. Anyways, moving on in the series we are going to start going over glitters today. I have to split this post up into two parts in order to avoid making your computer crash due to a ridiculous amount of pictures. The most important thing to remember when frankening with glitters is to make sure that you use SOLVENT RESISTANT GLITTERS. This will prevent your nail polish from eventually turning into a bleeding mess in which you will have an unintentionally colored base and colorless glitter, no bueno. Solvent resistant glitters are made for cosmetic use and are less likely to lose their color into your base later on down the road. Craft glitters that you can pick up at Walmart or Michael's are usually not made to withstand combination with a nail polish base, so keep that in mind. But, if you google solvent resistant glitters, you will come up with a TON of results so fear not! Today, I will show you my current collection of TKB (surprise surprise!) solvent resistant glitters.

Here we have TKB Black Square 0.025". O.025" being the size. Glitter is matte.

TKB White Square 0.025". Also matte.

TKB Adam & Eve Glitter. Glitter is finer than the white and black squares. It is also more of a fuschia than this picture let's on. This glitter gives off a scattered holo effect!

 TKB Blue Focus Glitter

TKB Pink Points Glitter. This is more of a light rose color. Not holo.

TKB Luminosity Glitter. Will give you a scattered holo effect!

TKB Headtrip Glitter. Sky blue AND holo.

TKB Blue Sparks. Now, sparks are really neat. As you see, the texture is much finer, almost powder-like. And the effect is definitely more shimmer than glitter. It looks white while in the bag but the blue shines when swatched. TKB states " Sparks are very transparent and reflective, similar to glitter. However, glitter is typically made from glitter or plastic. Our Sparks! are made from a thin, smooth, uniform mineral platelet Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate. This means they are: a) mineral based, and b) softer to the touch." Now I don't really know what that means, but I do know they are AWESOME.

TKB Red Flakies. Yup, this right here is what flakies look like when they are not mixed in a polish. Now I know they don't look like much, but that's partly because I have been stuck temporarily using my Iphone for pictures and partly because they really just look that boring in the bag. These come in all sorts of colors and I have a few, but I didn't really feel like posting all of them since they more or less look exactly the same in the bag.

So that is the extent of the TKB solvent resistant glitter but I will be back in no time to show you a few more beauties in my arsenal. Hope you're as excited as I am!

Remember to always keep it classy and creative!

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