Monday, December 17, 2012

Franken Basics Part 2: Cosmetic Pigments

Hello ladies! Hopefully you're having a wonderful day! Today, we are moving on with our Franken Basics series and today we are covering cosmetics pigments. Now when I say that, I refer to pigments such as micas, oxides, etc. Again, I usually get my pigments from TKB Trading but I know for a fact that there are quite a few websites that sell the same kind of products. What I love about TKB is they offer sample sizes which are fairly cheap so if you are frankening on a small scale, the sample sizes are more than enough. So today I decided to show you some of the pigments in my stash so far!

Here we have the TKB Planetary Collection pigments. These things are super cool because I know you can't tell now, but you mix these babies into a dark base and they turn into some sweet duochromes! From left to right we have Travel to Neptune, Travel to Venus, Travel to Mars, Travel to Earth, Travel to Jupiter, and Travel to Pluto

Here are the same swatches with flash, kinda lame if you ask me

And here we have the Planetary pigments close up, now we're getting somewhere!

Here we have 3 more TKB pigments but these few are matte (they will NOT turn a polish into a matte polish without a matte base!) and a random pigment that I picked up from believe it or not, an online shop that sells pigments for car paint. I will link it after I test it out a bit more. Sooooo, from left to right we have Red #6 Lake, Blue #1 Lake, Yellow Oxide, and Paint w/ Pearl Green to Purple Color Shift Pigment.

Here we are with a flash, that red is pretty ridiculous.

And finally we have the swatch close up. Please note that there is no real glitter in the blue but I think that might have been left over shimmer from past swatches. Now I LOVE the look of the matte pigments swatched on skin but they stained like a beast

Kinda cool though no? So, keep in mind that this MAY transfer to nail staining when frankening a polish. Alright kids, well I'm sure you are probably swatched out for now, but don't worry, I fully intend to keep the good times rolling with the next post's pigment swatching! Woohoo!

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