Thursday, December 20, 2012

Franken Basics Part 3: Makeup Pigments

So today we are going to be covering yet another part of the franken basics series and that is makeup pigments. These types of pigments seem to be pretty popular since Pinterest has had a ridiculous amount of pins going around saying that you can crush up your old eyeshadows and mix it with clear polish. While this does work more or less, I've run into some trouble being able to crush the pressed eyeshadow into a fine enough powder to mix readily enough with a clear polish. What I have found that works pretty well would be loose pigments or mineral eyeshadows. So without further ado, I give you my make up pigments!

These are my MAC pigments. From left to right we have Blue Brown, Vanilla, Melon, Old Gold,  and Rose.

Here we have the pigments with flash...further reminding me that I need a tan.

And here are the close ups. Swoon, I love the shimmer! Rose seemed to be a little chunkier than the other pigments so I'm thinking it probably won't mix as easily.

Here we have some random pigments Bare Minerals Bare Skin, Bare Minerals Sex Kitten, Bare Minerals Drama, L.A. Splash Black Sea (which I got from Kmart when they were going out of business here in Tallahassee), and LancĂ´me Copper Lights (which I'm pretty sure I accidentally stole form my roommate before I moved out)

Here we are with flash. They seem pretty similar but I promise they weren't in person!

And of course the close up. Can't wait to start mixing these babies with some bases and see what we come up with! Next post we will be taking a quick break to check out some Indie polish before moving onto glitters. So stoked!

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