Friday, August 30, 2013

Review- Enchanted Polish Across the Universe (kickin it old school!)

Can I just start off by saying Hallelujah for Fridays and Amen for 3 day weekends? I am ready for 3 glorious days of rest.  I've decided to take a temp job as a pillow tester and first up are the ones on my bed. I know I know, I'm SUCH a public servant :) Anywho, the last polish I have for you in the oh-so-short indie review week is ancient in polish time. But, it's pretty much one of the polishes that started me into my polish hoarding shame spiral. So it holds a pretty special place in my heart! I bought this bad boy in mid-2012, before the explosion over Enchanteds really took over. Across the Universe is a multi-chrome polish that shifts from blue, to magenta, to purple, and even to gold at extreme angles all with a kiss of linear holo awesome. Check her out!

It's an oil slick in a bottle!

Macro, while gorgeous, does show that ridiculous cuticle flooding I managed to do. Ta-daaaa! lol

Now, I didn't swatch this with just Across the Universe. Rather, I put one coat of Across the Universe over an existing mani of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Blazing Blue (a gorgeous blackened navy blue with subtle shimmer) to help bring out the color shift. Not only that, but I turned it into a skittle mani by using these two colors and throwing in some striping tape. Check it out!

The next few photos were taken with my Iphone to try and showcase the color shift

Now contrary to what my photos would have you believe, the color shift is very very apparent; especially over the darker base. The holo added just enough sass and the polish completely glows in the sunlight. It is truly breathtaking. I kept finding reasons to hand people things all while making sure my nails were on top so as to properly showcase my mani's full potential, lol. Now as for the formula, it is sheer and thin. It can be built up on it's own but I prefer to layer it. Also, be careful because it will flood! But to me it is entirely worth it for the end result! It dries super smooth and dry time is average. Top coat does not seem to dull the holo.

Now given that this polish is from such an old collection, it is not available now. So please don't hate me, but how could I not share this with you?!

Well that's all for today ladies, I wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day weekend and I will see you back next week with some spankin new franken creations! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!



  1. beautiful! I love the addition of the stripes. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I hope you have an awesome weekend as well! I know I'm not taking my weekend for granted :)

  2. First, Becca, how could you show us such an amazing polish and then rip our hearts out by saying it is not for sale!?! Hahhah I'm joking! A little, anyway.. ;D I wonder how the ILNP Ultra-Chromes compare to it. Oh, and I love the striping tape you did with it! I have no patience for tape, but I love seeing it. :D Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Haha I know, I'm a polish sadist. Inflicting all sorts of polish pain up in here! I am super curious about the Ultra Chromes too but they are no longer in pre-order status. I am wondering what the odds are that I will get my hands on a bottle now. I do know that they don't have holo like alot of EP's do. Plus, I think they look more opaque as well. And, thank you, I love striping tape! It's way easier to me than most other kinds of nail art.

  3. The color is great. I'm really loving the nail art though. <3 stripes


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